Stitch ‘n Bitch: A Giveaway

Over the last week or so, I’ve been flipping through my new copy of Stitch ‘n Bitch Superstar Knitting. I pick it up and read a few paragraphs, put it down, then mull it over for a while. There’s a lot of information in that book. I started with the section on color stranding and intarsia, moved on to cables, and now I’m into the lace section.

I consider myself pretty well versed in color stranding, and Debbie Stoller has it all covered in this new book. Want to know how to hold two yarns at once? You get illustrations and instructions for five methods. Have you heard of yarn dominance? There’s a picture of a swatch and a section called, “Who’s on first?” that explains it in detail. Thinking about steeking? There are details about the three steeking techniques, along with prerequisites and the upside and downside for each. Need to catch some long floats? Stoller explains how to catch floats on the knit side, the purl side, and with your left hand and your right hand — basically, no matter how you hold your yarn, there’s an illustration here to show you the path to yarn catching enlightenment.

Other than color stranding, Stoller covers intarsia, cables (including doing it without a needle), lace, knitting with beads & embellishing with embroidery, and a whole section that she calls “Stitch Witchery” which includes at least 10 cast on methods and 10 bind off methods and so much more (kitchener in stockinette, reverse stockinette, garter stitch, and ribbing…the mind boggles). It’s too much to read in a week, but I’m making room on the priority knitting book shelf for this one, because I want to be able to pull it off the shelf when I need it, which could be often.

Best of all, the book is written in that trademark voice that we fell in love with in the first Stitch ‘n Bitch and have become so familiar with in the subsequent installments. She’s funny! And a little racy! And so full of encouragement! And now she’s got a book to rival the best knitting reference text for experienced knitters.

There is even a whole section entitled “How to Create Your Own Patterns” and has formulas and schematics and diagrams and I haven’t even read that part yet.

But wait, there’s more. Because I haven’t even mentioned the patterns! I have pictures of a few of my favorite designs, all used with permission of the publisher.

Beatrice Gloves by Catherine Shields

I have never knit a project with beads, but this might need to be my first.

The Empire Strikes Back Dress by Tricia Royal

I love the layered look in this pic, and the styling. OMG the styling. Yes, a tunic is not something I could ever wear, but how cute is it?

Hip Hop Blanket by Jennifer Lippman-Bruno

Extreme intarsia! My mom is a baby blanket knitter extraordinaire, so I need to show her this one. Cute and challenging!

Sparkle Sweater by Sonya Laska

How chic is this pattern? Again, I am intrigued with the beads, and tempted to knit with them.

The Life Aquatic by Serena Murphy

Maybe you can’t see it in this small picture, but this yoke design has fishies on it. Fishies!

Now for the giveaway portion of our program. The nice folks at Workman have agreed to let me give away 3 copies of Stitch ‘n Bitch Superstar Knitting to 3 of my readers!

To enter, please leave a comment on this post by Wednesday, November 3rd at 6pm. Only one entry per person, international commenters are most welcome! Good luck!

108 thoughts on “Stitch ‘n Bitch: A Giveaway

  1. This book sounds perfect for me – I am afraid of steeking and not very good at stranded knitting. And the sweater and tunic patterns are great!

  2. that book sounds awesome! having just completed my first project with color stranding and floats, i could very much use the advice and techniques you described. it was no easy feat and i’m not looking forward to tackling it for hat #2 for child #2.

  3. I love the patterns you’ve featured and can’t wait to get my own copy! Maybe I’ll even win one 😉

  4. What an awesome book!! I really want to make “The Empire Strikes Back”! Too adorable!

  5. I was fortunate enough to see your copy the other day! That is by far the BEST Stitch and Bitch book so far!!! I would love to get the yarn for The Empire Strikes back tunic! My daughter is still squeaking about it! So So CUTE! You had so many post it notes marking pages that you better get busy knitting girl!!! See ya at the book signing today at Common Threads!

  6. Oh, wonderful patterns to hook us on the book! I am Melanie1 on Ravelry. Unfortunately, I have to figure out another way to subscribe to your Blog as Bloglines is ending on Nov 1st. Love your blog, and thanks for the great giveaway!

  7. I thought I was over S&B. I enjoyed the 1st book, but never had much interest in the 2nd. This one, though, definitely seems to be worth a look or two!

  8. i’d love to win a copy! i love the stitch n bitch books, and colourwork! i’ve also never knit with beads before–i don’t even know where to start…

  9. Wow, this sounds like a great book! I would be thrilled to win one! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  10. I was holding out on this book until I heard more reviews, but you’ve convinced me that it’s worthy bookshelf real estate!

  11. Hi Mandy, this Stitch ‘n Bitch book sounds wonderful! I hope your book signing went well today. I’m out of town but look forward to seeing your new book at Common Threads when I return. Thanks for holding the giveaway!

  12. That baby blanket actually makes me tempted to try intarsia – I never thought that could happen!

  13. Wow! It looks like there are a lot of cool things in that book. I learned to knit from the first Stitch and Bitch book.

  14. I have 3 previous Debbie Stoller books as Finnish translations but I can read and knit in English too :)

  15. This book looks amazing — I can’t think of another book where I’ve wanted to make so many of the patterns! Thanks for the great review!

  16. Seems like a great book for any knitter to have in his or her library. I have always loved stranded work but I feel like I am all thumbs when I try it.

  17. This would be a wonderful book to add to any knitters collection. I hope it ends up in mine. Thanks for the opportunity and congratulations on your new book! How wonderful to publish about something you love.

  18. this looks like a really great addition to the series. i’ll have to mosey on over to the bookstore and check it out!

  19. “Do you wanna know how to hold two yarns at once?”!!!

    Yes! Me! I do!! This book sounds awesome!

  20. Trying to learn some new techniques will be my winter project. I love the looks of multicolored projects, but don’t have time to do a lot of classes because I work full-time. A guidebook that covers all these wonderful new things would be a dream for me!! If I don’t win this book, I’ll just have to find it. Sounds like the answer!

  21. It looks awesome! The Happy Hooker has saved me on many “need basic crochet help” occasions. I LOVE the Empire Strikes Back!

  22. Sounds like a book I’d like to read… and would love to knit some of those fantabulous patterns.

  23. ooooh! i would love a copy of this book! i have had the stitch n bitch books out of the library soooo many times. and now there is another one! lovely.

  24. Loving that baby blanket! It’s looking like it will become the baby gift of choice in the future!

  25. Holding two yarns at once is a real problem for me. At this point I knit a stitch, drop the yarn, pick up the other, etc. If this book can help me I have to get it. Win it or buy it, I have to get it.

  26. Stitch ‘n Bitch nation was my first ever knitting book, back when I was only pretending I knew what I was doing – I’m so happy she’s now come out with a more advanced book!

  27. Thanks for such a thorough review! I learned to knit from the first Stitch n’ Bitch book, and this looks like a welcome addition to my knitting book library, whether I win it or go buy it!

  28. I’m so excited about this book! I finally feel ready to try colorwork and steeking. Who better to learn it from than Debbie?

  29. I love the S&B books. and the first one was key to my relearning to knit. I think I’ve advanced to having this one as a reference book too.

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