Every Halloween, we add more stuff to the dress up bin, which gets quite a lot of use throughout the year. I’m sort of pathetic; I find it sacrilegious to spend $20-$40 dollars on store bought costumes, but then I go to the fabric store and spend $60 on the materials to make my own costumes.

But this annual unearthing of the sewing machine (normally hid beneath all sorts of knitting related things) is very fulfilling. I find all sorts of enjoyment in following sewing patterns (ignoring the parts that, with experience, I know to ignore). Best of all, my kids really like helping with pattern and fabric selection, and they like watching the process (“Are you done yet, Mommy?” “Gonna finish my costume today, Mom?” ad nauseum, until I actually finish), and they appreciate the final product, knowing all the work that went into making it.

I know this is a little late, but may I present the Halloween Costumes of 2010!

The Grim Reaper and Wonder Woman

Jerry’s cape is McCall’s M5952.
Maggie’s Wonder Woman is McCall’s M5727.

As usual, we celebrated with my Mom and Dad, who love coming all the way from Buffalo to see the kids dress up and go trick-or-treating.

posing with Grandma and Grandpa

Halloween was very fun this year! I can’t believe that my kids are both old enough to say all the correct phrases in all the correct places when they go around the neighborhood (“trick or treat!” “thank you!” “Happy Halloween!”). They’re growing up so fast. I wonder how many more times I’ll make them costumes?

The sewing machine is back in it’s hiding spot under yarn, and I’m working on knitting projects again. But this was a very good Halloween; sewing-wise and candy-wise. Hope you had a good one, too!


8 thoughts on “halloween

  1. Love Wonder Woman. And keep those costumes. Some of the ones I made for my niece years ago have made the rounds of all the cousins. Makes the fussing seem a little more worth it.

  2. awesome costumes, the homemade ones are so totally worth the effort, even when you’re wrestling with the gold lame and fake fur that gets stuck in the foot hingie that holds the fabric down.
    When my older son was packing for college , he & his brother squeezed their heads and shoulders into a home made lion and a bear costumes from their way younger selves and ran around the house laughing, it was worth every minute twelve years earlier just for that.

  3. Fantastic costumes. I didn’t make any of my kids’ costumes this year, unless you count Young’un’s Harry Potter robe, which I made for Eldest in 1999 (never throwing anything away for the win!).

    And how great is it that your folks come down for Trick or Treat? Your kids will have such wonderful memories of that.

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