in which i announce a winner and have a sock epiphany

I don’t like this part; the part where I announce the winner of the contest. Actually, it’s not all bad. The winner is all – ohmygosh i never win anything!! – and that’s pretty sweet. But then the rest of you are disappointed. I’ve been there. It stinks.

If you didn’t win (I’m so sorry!) I hope you’ll consider ordering Phoebe’s Sweater anyway. If only so you can have a moment like this with your daughter/son, neice/nephew, favorite kid:

Maggie "reading"

She’s reading it (but not really because she doesn’t read in the traditional sense of the word). She’s flipping through and adding her own words. So cute!

The winner of the giveaway is Cheryl, who was chosen by Jerry from slips of paper that were in a bag, contacted by email and left this comment:

Congrats Cheryl!

In other news, I have had an epiphany regarding socks. See, my usual sock knitting pattern is the toe-up You’re Putting Me On pattern by Judy Gibson (see my 16 projects using this pattern here). I love toe-up socks because I have big feet, and knitting socks toe-up makes me feel confident that I won’t run out of yarn. I also love a simple 2×2 rib, because I can knit most of the socks without thinking too much.

But then I knit the Socktoberfest Mystery Socks. They weren’t toe up and they weren’t a simple rib. And yet I really, really enjoyed knitting them. I think I had some notion that anything other than ribbing would require a lot more attention, but that simply was not the case. Sure, I needed the pattern close at hand, but most of the time I had enough attention to spare for watching TV or whatever else was going on around me.

mystery socks

Pattern: TTL Mystery Sock 2010 by Kirsten Kapur.
Yarn: The Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga! <- It’s supposed to have an exclamation mark.

With that small revelation and a whole pair of socks under my belt, I decided, on a whim, to buy Cookie A’s new book, Knit.Sock.Love, with the digital version and see if there were any socks that spoke to me. There were many, but I settled on Cusp, printed out the necessary pages, and cast on.

my first cookie

I found that I could knit these socks without my brain exploding (crazy, I know) and I have already finished the first sock and started the second. GO ME.

This is my first time knitting a Cookie A. pattern and I must say, it is brilliant. Yes, I’m late to the party, but wow. She really writes the heck out a pattern.

Nonetheless, I still worry continuously about running out of yarn and wonder what I would do if that actually happens. But for now, I’m enjoying knitting a wonderful pattern, with a wonderful (but sadly discontinued) yarn, and getting a whole pair of socks out of the deal.

4 thoughts on “in which i announce a winner and have a sock epiphany

  1. OHMYGOSH I never win anything! Including this giveaway. :~P

    My only piece of advice – wind your yarn into a single cake, place the cake on a yarn scale (which I assume, as a designer, you have) and wind from the center onto a ballwinder again until you have the total grams you started with. Now, you’ll know before the end of the first sock if you run out. I just did this for my first pair of socks for my partner and it really helped. I was paranoid I was going to run out, but was able to have a good visual cue on when I needed to stop the leg and move to the foot. Of course, I still have leftovers, but at least I didn’t do 7 inches of ribbing and then frog it.

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