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File this post under “OMG” and “How Totally Awesome.”

Last Thursday The Red Collection was included in Clara Parkes’ 2010 in Review: People, Places, and Things that Shaped the Year. To say I was honored, excited, spazzing out…those would be understatements. To be included with the likes of Stephen West, Miriam Felton, Gudrun Johnston and Rosemary Hill was cool. Really, really cool.

And then! Today over at the Petite Purls blog, you can find an interview that I did for the Renaissance Moms series. I have enjoyed following along with the series and learning about all the inspiring women who have been featured. This was the first online interview I’ve ever done, and it was super fun.

As I look back at my most recent posts, I realize that there is a complete lack of knitting content. So let me leave you today with a mitten. It will be a pattern soon, once I finalize the formatting and send it out to test knitters. The pattern is called Girdwood Mittens, and the sample below was knit using Cascade Ecological Wool and you would not believe how soft this yarn gets when knit in colorwork.

Girdwood Mitten(s)

Here’s to a fantastic 2011!

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  1. that is SO COOL about the knitter’s review write-up! And also – mittens in eco-wool! Good lord do I love that. I have no doubt that yarn blocks amazingly in stranded colorwork. And how many mittens could a person get out of a couple colors of eco-wool?! Millions, for sure!

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