knitters, meet Girdwood

Girdwood Mittens!

Mittens, anyone? Here’s a new mitten pattern for everyone!

When I started working on this pattern, my children both desperately needed mittens. We have had a cold winter here in North Carolina and last year’s mittens were too small. After some starts and stops with gauge, yarn choice and stitch count, I finally knit some mittens for Maggie that fit using sport weight yarn.

Jerry needed mittens, too. On a hunch (and after doing some quick math) I grabbed some Cascade 220 and cast on with larger needles but the same number of stitches. They were a perfect fit! More math, another hunch, and bulky yarn…I had mittens knit from the same pattern that were big enough for me!

Girdwood Mittens!

I’m really excited about these mittens. The Girdwood Mittens are named after a ski town in Alaska where I once spent a long summer night listening to bluegrass music. I have fond memories of that town.

Girdwood Mittens

Included in the pattern are two sizes of thumbless mittens, to fit newborns and toddlers (up to age 2). Other sizes are Small Kid (3-6 yrs), Big Kid (6-10 yrs), and Small, Medium and Large Adult. To learn more about what yarn is used for each size of mitten in the pattern, click on the sizing chart on the Girdwood Mittens page.

Girdwood Mitten(s)

You can see a handful of beautiful Girdwood Mittens that were knit by a really wonderful group of test knitters on the Ravelry project page.  The pattern is $6. If you would like to buy it, please click below.

Girdwood Mittens – $6

I have been thinking a way to say thank you for people who sign up for my newsletter. What I’d love to do is work on a free pattern that would be exclusively for subscribers. While I figure out the logistics of that, I’ve decided that when I release a new pattern I will randomly select 5 knitters from the subscribers list to get the pattern for free. To be eligible, all you need to do is get on the list and stay on the list! Sign up here if you’re interested.

Thank you!

5 thoughts on “knitters, meet Girdwood

  1. i would like to clarify. the only reason i didn’t check the “classes” box is b/c NC is just too far to drive for a knitting class. i’d LOVE to be able to knit with color the way you do. but will have to muddle through the learning process on my own.

  2. that’s a super nice looking sizing chart!! while I selfishly want a pair of these for myself, those little newborn ones would be a PERFECT way to use up some sock yarn ends and keep the forthcoming army of babies’ hands warm.

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