her red shoes

Finally got the required gauge on my Talkeetna hat, and it turned out super cute!

my sweet, sweet Maggie

my sweet, sweet Maggie

More than anything, I really, really love all the pictures Maggie and I just took outside. She was up for a photo shoot today, probably because we’ve been spending too much time inside this week as we get over our icky colds. And I’m loving the new lens I have on my camera, which takes very nice photos when I set it on auto.

I told her to wear jeans for the pictures, but the red shoes were totally her idea. I love this girl so much!

my sweet, sweet Maggie

The reason I re-made this pattern was two-fold. First, the original mittens are muddy and felted and too small. The hat is fine, but has seen better days. Second, Petite Purls requested samples to take on the road for some trunk shows they’re doing this year. They’ve been so supportive of me and I just love every issue they put out that I couldn’t say no!  I’ll be sending this hat and mitten set off to them next week!

The pattern, which includes both the hat and mittens, is Talkeetna. You can download a pdf here for free, or visit Petite Purls!

In other news, you might have noticed things look somewhat different around here! I’ve updated my blog and will probably spend the next few weeks or so tweaking things. Behind the scenes things like this are most decidedly Not Fun, nor is it my forte, so it might be a while until I get it exactly how I want it. If you have any trouble navigating the site, please let me know, but links should work and you should still be able to get around.

my sweet, sweet Maggie

my sweet, sweet Maggie

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  1. Love me some red sparkly shoes!!!! I, ahem, have about 4 pairs of red shoes. :-)

    The pattern link on the blog page goes seems to go to a blog page with the pattern printed and I can’t find a pdf to download but I also realize it could be user error…. Help? Sorry…. :-/

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