wood hollow hat

Gerald asked me for a hat! Since he never, ever asks me for knitting (but for the slippers) of course I agreed to knit him a hat. He was very specific about the pattern (same as Jerry’s hat) and the color (“do not start until I see the yarn”).

wood hollow

The pattern is the Wood Hollow Hat from Kirsten Kapur. I love it so much; it’s fun to knit and very intuitive. Gerald chose his favorite color – blue – in a beautiful shade of Cascade 220 that I had in my stash. If there was ever a wool yarn that could be described as “denim” this would be it. I love the 220 Heathers.

Jerry’s hat was knit on a US 5 needle, and with no adjustments to the pattern, it is a perfect fit. Because Gerald’s head is bigger, I meant to cast on with a 6, but couldn’t find a 6. So I grabbed a size 7 needle and as far as I can tell (without having knit a swatch) it’s going to fit him perfectly.

I’m doing the cables, even the small ones, without a cable needle. I feel very, very smart when I cable without a cable needle.

The behind-the-scenes work on the blog is progressing, if slowly. I worked on one particular page on Saturday – ALL DAY – and there’s some glitch that I don’t understand and it is driving me absolutely nutso. So instead of working on the blog, I’ve decided instead to work on my “sewing area”.  I wasn’t going to post a “before” picture here because it is truly awful. But then I decided there would be a strong impetus to show you the “after” photo if I posted the embarrassing “before” photo. So here it is, the corner of my bedroom where sewing (and knitting) supplies are…stored.


Although you can barely tell, there is a long table where all that stuff is piled. I’ve already removed enough stuff from the table to take the first picture that appears in this post, so I’m making progress. Today I’m going to make the table shorter by slicing it in half with my circular saw. Tomorrow I’m taking a road trip to IKEA to buy a shelf and other organizy things. And by Wednesday it’ll be done! (pray for me)

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  1. Brave of you to post a before, but it’s not that bad. I’ve been looking a photos from a hoarder house at work today. Oy oy oy and ouch. “Do not start until I see the yarn.” Very funny, sounds like my spousal unit.

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