I Want to Sew

Showing you the “before” picture in the last post was the best idea I ever had. It motivated me to get the space cleaned up and quick, so I could get to the “after” picture. I posted the picture on Monday. Here’s another (worse?) before picture:

Sewing Table - before

After I had everything removed from this corner and put in bins or bags for temporary containment, I cut the table in half. The goal was to make it fit directly under the shelves.  But then I had a eureka moment and realized I could move the shelves to the wall next to the window in order to give me more room for the new shelf.

By Monday night, the table and the shelves were in their new location, ready for me to come home from Ikea on Tuesday with a 4×4 Expedit. It was insanely fun to put together, took well under an hour (40 minutes maybe?), and was finished just in time for Gerald to come home from work and help me move it into place.

On Wednesday morning I began filling up the new shelf. My main goal was to get things contained. Like, literally, in a container. I used a bunch of containers that I got at Ikea, some that I picked up at Walmart, and a whole lot of bins that I already had. As I was putting things on the new shelf, I was realized that even with all the new space, I wasn’t going to have room for everything. Then I had Eureka moment #2. I had about 3 bins full of dyeing supplies and equipment. I can’t even remember when I used them last, so they got moved out to the shed. Now everything inside has a home, without looking stuffed or cluttered.

I’m very proud of how the new shelf works in my room!

skirt and sewing machine cover

I sewed a matchy-matchy sewing machine cover and table skirt. Although it’s a lot of green, I think I like how it all looks! Everything has a home, and everything is contained! Makes me want to sew something! I actually found a few projects while cleaning up that I could work on…a few quilts, pajama patterns for the kids.

I’ve always enjoyed my Longaberber baskets, and now they are actually being useful and pretty!


Below is the whole shelf, and organized and looking tidy! The large white and green boxes have yarn. The bottom row of bins holds a mix of yarn and sewing notions. I’m so happy to know that if I ever need hook and eye closures in a future sewing project I DO NOT NEED TO BUY ANYMORE.

Sewing Table - After!

I put sticky, removable hooks on the side of the shelf to hold bags. Since they’re isn’t much space between the shelf and the table (about 14″), this was a perfect place to put them.

hooks on the side

When I’m ready to sew, I can set up the ironing board right in front of my new shelf, now that I have all this space! The picture below also shows the stool I got at Ikea, that I almost didn’t buy because I had bought so much already. But everyone loves it (esp. Maggie) and I’m so glad I decided to buy it.

Sewing Table - After!

Below is how this corner looks in the context of my bedroom, with my little helper flopping around trying to hide from the camera.

Sewing Table - After!

Yay for reorganization!

7 thoughts on “I Want to Sew

  1. Seeing the Longaberger, I thought it used to be Grandma Kerwin’s. Is it that one or another one? It looks beautiful. Love your mystery person. Good job.

  2. I know how you feel! I too bought some Expedit shelves and organied my library of knitting books and magazines. I actually need a couple more to increase my yarn storage space. Love them. Your space looks really good :)

  3. Looks wonderful. Isn’t it amazing how reorganizing can re-energize you? I have a box of sewing notions that has hooks and eyes that belonged to an aunt who died over 40 years ago and still haven’t used them!

  4. That is exactly what I need to do in my room – the girls took my bigger room (two – one – I guess that was fair) Anyways – my room looks like your first shot and so I am going to have to get organized. Thanks for the inspiration!

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