More homework, less knitting.

The success of the sewing area reorganization inspired us to move on to another problem area in our house. We have a hallway that leads to our one bathroom, and it was a hot mess. We should have dealt with it before we even moved into the house. But we didn’t. Anyway, we ripped out the ugly built in storage shelves, took down the faux wood paneling, painted the walls, pulled up the carpet and old linoleum, and put down a tile floor.

My Dad and I laid the tile, and it was the first time either of us did tiles. I must say, we did a very good job. The room still needs more work; painting, electrical stuff, baseboards, and all those little things to make it look finished. Then I’ll head back to IKEA for more Expedit shelves, because I love them so much. When it’s “finished finished” I’ll show you fancy pictures. If you’re interested, here are some progress pictures.

All this very satisfying home improvement work has left me little time for knitting. I’m working on a pair of stranded mittens (big surprise, right?) for a swap, thinking about potholders for a swap, and doing more of the “behind the scenes” work on my blog that I’ve mentioned before.

By the way, if you are reading on the blog, I hope you like the new look! If you’re reading via feed reader, click through and check it out.  I’ll talk more about the new look next time, and hopefully there will also be more knitting content, instead of just a random picture of my favorite forsythia in the whole neighborhood (which also happens to be in my very own back yard). Spring, it is nigh.



9 thoughts on “More homework, less knitting.

  1. Very snazzy, Mandy! I’m about to start a bathroom remodel over here although we lack the DIY ability gene when it comes to home improvement so I’m jealous of you!

  2. Like both new looks! Tiling isn’t so bad, it just takes time. It reminds me to take some more pictures of our work in progress – always fun to see the before and after.

  3. Uncle Bob is great at electrical stuff and would love to help you out. Everything else looks great including the new website look!

  4. Mandy –

    I thought at one point there was a link to the CMS system you used for your new website. (I could totally be dreaming this up). If you did, would you mind sending it to me at the “required” email address. (If you can see it.)



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