I finished my potholders for the swap! They are currently flinging themselves up to Massachusetts, and I will patiently (not) wait  for my five unique potholders that will come in return. These were fun to make, but my hands needed frequent brakes because crocheting so tightly with cotton gives me clawhand.

I considered challenging myself with a more interesting pattern, but I feared that would have resulted in unfinished potholders. So I stuck with my own free pattern, Maggie’s Kitchen, and tried to make them very colorful and fun. The yarn is Cotton Classic, and a bunch of the colors came from my Mom’s remnants from this blanket.

before and after, finally!

The other half. All done!

I finished my hallway! What a transformation. All the painting, caulking, and assembling of the Ikea items gave me clawhand for about a month straight. But it’s the best room in the house now. I like to go in there every once in a while just to look around.

We call this space The Hallway. A better description might be Broom Closet, Linen Closet, Pantry, Medicine Cabinet, Homebrewing Headquarters, or Board Game Storage. Anywho. We all love it. There is still a lot of unused storage space, so I think there will be gradual reorganization to get everything in the right spot.

the mittens with no name

And last but not least, I finished my Swap Mittens! (And my swap partner received them, which is why I can show them to you.) These were certainly clawhand-inducing mittens.  I designed a mitten and started knitting it. But the pattern wasn’t exactly how I wanted it. So I tried different yarn. And it still wasn’t right. Then I redesigned the pattern, but the mitten was too big. So I ripped back to the beginning and adjusted the chart. And FINALLY they were right.

I love them, not only because I think they’re pretty, but because I worked hard to get this idea out of my head. And I stuck with the idea even though it wasn’t translating well on the pins. The pattern…is forthcoming. I’ll let you know.


14 thoughts on “Accomplishments

  1. I love the potholders! I’d never thought of making pot holders…. hmmmmm…. I’m guessing you can knit them, too? Cotton or wool I guess?

  2. Wow Mandy, I love those mittens! I need to know what yarn finally worked so I can stock up in preparation for the pattern release! (Love the colors too!)

  3. Sorry about the clawhand but it was worth it. Easy for me to say. Everything looks great. Demo was bumped on our bathroom to April 11. One week away!

  4. If there’s another pot holder swap next year, I think I’ll join, it looks like fun! (I said that last year too…)
    Your mittens are really pretty – well done – again :-)

  5. Love the potholders! And I need a Hallway like that. Spring cleaning day is coming! You must be so relieved that it’s finished!

    Looking at those gorgeous blue and white mittens makes me put learning colorwork on my to-do list! Thanks for sharing them.

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