Did you know grellow was a color?

Combining the names of colors is a fun way to make two words shorter, yet still get your meaning across. This is important especially for places like twitter, where characters come at a premium. Instead of typing Gray and Yellow, just type Grellow! #thisishowtweepsroll

You might wonder how I know that Grellow is Gray and Yellow, and not Green and Yellow. I really can’t say. These are things you just know. To wit, try a flickr search or a Ravelry project search. While there is the occasional rogue photo of something green and yellow, that is wrong. Grellow stands for the pleasing and sublime combination of Gray and Yellow. (And just so you know, Preen is Purple and Green, Blorange is Blue and Orange, bleen is NOT blue and green and yak is NOT yellow and black. Get with the program.)

So why do I bring it up? Because I am now the proud owner of Grellow mittens!

Mittens from Elinor

The lovely and talented Elinor Brown made them for me, as part of the Stranded Mitten Swap! Aren’t they gorgeous? And they fit, which she was worried about, considering she has smaller than average hands and I have big man hands.  The mittens are perfect, and I love them.

The yarn is Ultra Alpaca in a very graphic allover diamond pattern. There are braids.


And she even sent some scrap yarn, just in case they need mending.


Elinor sent two other surprises in the package. Yarn and cookies. Man did she nail it. The yarn is Briggs and Little Regal, and can best be described as a woolly wool and that is pretty much all you need to know. I love it. And the cookies. Well.

for reals?

At first I thought they had a peanut butter cup in the center, but they’re better than that. According to Elinor, they are Vegan Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Cookies. But not vegan because she used butter. This recipe is going to get printed out and added to my go-to cookie recipe file because they were so good! Notice how I said were. Yeah. Let’s just say we all liked them very much.

Grazie mille, Elinor! You are a knitting and baking rock star!



7 thoughts on “Did you know grellow was a color?

  1. They’re really pretty! And the scrap yarn, what a nice thought :-)

    Cheers from Norway, where I’m still waiting for my mittens to arrive across the Atlantic…

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