subtle twist

While I continue with my house projects (watching paint dry is my main activity these days – didn’t think you’d be interested in seeing that) and await the return of some knitting inspiration, I thought I’d share with you a project I worked on with my dear friend Cindy.

I had the pleasure of playing a small part in Cindy’s latest design, the Subtle Twist Jacket. I did two things; the photographs of the sample, and the pattern layout. I had a great time with my favorite knitwear model and I think the pictures came out great!

Cindy does a good job with patterns that are both fun to knit and easy to wear. The yarn in this sample is Great Adirondack Merino Bulky and oh, dear is it ever soft and cushy.

Subtle Twist Jacket

I have to say it, Mallory’s shoes were badass. They were her prom shoes and I swear she became a different person when she put them on. Heels can do that to a person. But it’s not about the shoes, it’s about the sweater. Or is it? Just kidding, it’s totally about the sweater. Or maybe the sunglasses?

Subtle Twist Jacket

Gosh, I love the garter stitch sleeves. The subtle twist stitch pattern requires no cable needle, you just knit the stitches out of order. Of course this is all explained in detail in the pattern! Which brings me to the second way I helped with this pattern.

I worked my magic, as Cindy would say. Or in other words, I took Cindy’s file of the pattern, rearranged and organized things, and made it easy on the eyes. I smudged the words on the sample at left. If you want to see it full size, you’ll have to buy it! Or if you have a pattern that needs a kick in the pants, format-wise, get in touch! I’d love to help you with it.

I have a knack for formatting, and I really enjoy this part of the process of pattern writing. Although a pretty pattern can’t excuse a poorly written pattern, I think a little attention to the layout shows a certain level of professionalism.

To learn more about this pattern, or to queue, fave and purchase it, visit the Subtle Twist Jacket page on Ravelry. You can find all of Cindy’s patterns there, too!




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  1. Love it and it’s in my queue. I wonder how those chunky knits look on those of us above a size 4 or 6. What do you think (having seen it in person)?

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