Hi! What a summer! Here are some of the things we’ve done the past few months.

  • Visited Grandma at the beach (Murrell’s Inlet, SC).
  • Visited the whole family in Buffalo.
  • Went with Daddy to the beach (OBX) and then the mountains (Linville Falls, NC).
  • Rested after all those vacations.
  • Stayed cool in the house, played outside only when it wasn’t too hot.
  • Got a cat.
  • Knit a little (but just a little).
  • Decided that I would go back to school to get an Associate Degree in Photography (official title of my chosen concentration: Photographic Technology: Portrait Studio Management).
  • And most recently, got ready for the new school year! Can you believe that Jerry is in 4th grade and Maggie just yesterday started kindergarten!?!?!?!

To ease myself back into the old blog, I’ll post some (okay, A LOT) of my favorite pictures from the summer. Maybe that’ll get me back into the groove. Let’s begin!

Niagara Falls. From left, my Mom, my brother Eddie, sister Holly, Dad, me (with Michael Jackson purse). And the kids in the front row.

Niagara Falls

The market in June:

The Market

The Market

My Dad with his bug and Maggie:

Dad's Bug

Sister Holly on the Maid of the Mist. She looks like Little Edie, doesn’t she?

Niagara Falls

Then there was the Outer Banks with Daddy. (I’ll be closely watching Irene and hoping that everyone in the Outer Banks and along the East Coast stays safe this weekend.) Jockey’s Ridge State Park with $2 sunglasses:

Jockey's Ridge State Park

Roanoke Island:

peas in a pod

Ocracoke Island, walking to the lighthouse:

Ocracoke, NC

Jerry being a goof at the pizza store on Ocracoke:

Ocracoke, NC

Then we visited my Mom. Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina:

the beach

And then went camping in the North Carolina Mountains. Collecting earth worms for inspection:

Linville Falls, NC

Having the obligatory cold soda on the porch of Mast General Store in Valle Crucis, NC:

Mast General Store

What next? Oh! We got a kitten and we named him Socks. He is adorable and we all love him a lot.


Finally, yesterday was the first day of school.

Jerry & Maggie


So, what’s up with you?




7 thoughts on “summertime

  1. I’ve missed your blog but am glad you had a great summer. LMK if you want to do any portfolio building at some point. We have family pictures taken twice a year by local pro photographers and I’d love to support someone I “know”!

  2. Love the photos taken at Ocracoke, I pray that everyone there is safe after Irene. I am a knitter like you and just came upon your beautiful patterns. I live in Michigan.

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