for the Moms



Not one, but TWO finished knitting projects! I can’t even stand it. The Autumnal socks will be going to my mother-in-law, Noreen. The watermelon socks will be going to my Mom. I think of all the people in the entire universe, no one deserves handknitted socks more than those two.

You can find more details about the Autumn socks here, and the watermelon socks here. Now that I have no socks on the pins I think I need to¬† head to the sock yarn stash, find the best yarn in there, wind it up, and cast on for another pair. Maybe I’ll even try a different pattern.



Or maybe not.


3 thoughts on “for the Moms

  1. Lucky Moms. Those are both great! I have lost my will to knit and am creeping ever. so. slowly. on a baby cardigan that will not end. Sad but true.

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