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Thanks to all your good luck vibes, I finished my Different Lines shawl! I bound off and blocked it last night, and it was dry this morning! Gotta love that shetland yarn. It softened up a little, but it’s still very woolly. I had some trouble figuring out how to wear the shawl, but I like it best if the bound off edge (the wide green stripe below) is nearest my neck. She’s an oddly shaped little sucker, for sure. You gotta knit one.

Oh! And Veera, the designer, just put all her patterns on sale for 30% off! And she has a beautiful new website! Go check it out, and if you have been meaning to buy this shawl pattern, the time is NOW people!

Different Lines

Different Lines

Different Lines

Different Lines

All the details are on my Ravelry project page here. I had so much fun with this pattern that this morning I started the other one, the ubiquitous Stripe Study. I’m already in love.

and I started another



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  1. That’s just a wonderful combination of colors. I love the way the green is tweeded with bits of yellow while the purple is just as purely purple as it could be.

    I went off to impulse-buy the pattern, and it turns out that since I already impulse-bought Stripe Study, I got 50% off this one!

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