Waiting for Yarn

I was really chugging along on the Stripe Study shawl. I took it when the kids and I went to Buffalo last weekend, and I made some headway on the airplane. But I quickly realized that although the yarn  has ample yardage, using a size 8 needle meant that the garter stitch was really eating up the yarn. I placed an order for more yarn on Wednesday, ran out on Thursday, and expect delivery on Monday or Tuesday. While I wait, I’m knitting more socks.

super socks

I barely knit all summer, and now I have this really panicky feeling that when it gets cold we won’t be prepared. What if there are no wool socks that fit the kids? What if their mittens are too small? What if they want a sweater and I haven’t knit one yet? What if…ad infinitum. All I really need to do is rummage through the wool basket; I’ll probably find loads of things that fit everybody. But what if nothing fits anymore?!?!?!

Anyway. While I wait for the new skein of yarn to arrive, I’m getting to work on that unwritten list of ‘knits I think we don’t have but we probably do’.

The socks above fit Maggie (with room to spare, but not too much). The next thing on the unwritten list is slippers for me; mittens and socks to fit Jerry, who is growing up too fast and I demand that he quit it right now; new hats for everyone! (This one is the most absurd because even kids can’t really outgrow a hat. Or at least they outgrow them very slowly. I just like knitting hats.)

Are there things you are knitting in preparation for winter? Are you already covered for when it gets cold? I need to know I’m not the only one!

5 thoughts on “Waiting for Yarn

  1. Our new place is all tile floors. I am frantic about slippers for the winter. Slippers that wont slip on the tile. But not too frantic to stop work on an owl hat. I am excited that we may actually get to use knitted items this winter.

  2. Socks, mittens, hats. I have a few sweaters chirping about my brain, asking to be knit, but am still lacking the attention span. So … mittens, socks, hats.

  3. My older DS just asked me for mittens last night actually. I am so out of the knitting *thing* right now. I’m hoping since a wee one asked, I’ll feel motivated to do it!

  4. I am exactly the same! I’m knitting everyone new woolens (and I have four littlies!)
    I had made two of them when the second daughter lost hers! Back to the drawing board, Mama!

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