Another year, another round of Halloween costumes. I’m so pleased with how they both came together! Although if you would have seen me during the making of Maggie’s princess costume…well, let’s not go there. It’s done now and everyone is very happy. Just a small note to my future self: never sew with polyester sateen and organza ever again, mkay? Maybe the worst, worst thing about Maggie’s was that the very day I bought all the supplies she said she changed her mind and wanted to be a mermaid. NO YOU ARE NOT BEING A MERMAID. YOU ARE BEING A PRINCESS. Luckily she got over it, and she loves the princess costume.

Jerry’s costume (zombie, if you’re wondering) was $5 worth of goodwill clothes and fabric paint that I had in my box of rarely-used craft paint. And I think he’s got the zombie face down!

happy kids

We are ready for trick or treating tonight, although the temps will be much colder than we’re used to! It’ll be in the fifties! Eep!

In knitting news, I am making good progess on my orange socks.


But I got the itch to knit Maggie a new sweater and swatched and then cast on for a new Tomten. The socks will be a nice break during the big-gauge knitting on the sweater.

Tomten, again

More on this Tomten, my second, next time. Happy Halloween!

Pumpkins All Carved



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  1. I made my daughter a witch costume out of cheap costume satin last year and it was AWFUL. The costume turned out cute, but sewing was a nightmare – and it was FAR simpler than the princess dress your daughter is wearing. My sympathies! I’m glad it turned out well, though. Happy Halloween!

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