road trip

on the drive

Today I drove down the road to have a visit at the school I’ll be attending next Fall. It was my first time there. I talked to a financial aid adviser, met a photography department instructor, and had a look around. The campus was very nice and there were lots of people around. That was nice to see. I also timed the drive; it took about 30 minutes. Not too bad.

This idea – the whole ‘get a degree in photography’ thing – is actually happening and I almost can’t quite believe I’m doing it. I find myself both more excited and more nervous. Like, crazy amounts of nervous. There are so many things to work out, from how to pay for tuition and equipment to figuring out childcare, and I don’t have the answers! I keep telling myself that it’ll work out, but I don’t exactly know how yet.  If I really, really want it to work then it will. Right?

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