family pictures

Megan, Brent and Benji

This morning I drove east to the Triangle to photograph a friend from high school and her family. I haven’t seen Megan in forevs, but she was just as sweet and funny as I remembered her. She has the two sweetest men in her life. Benji (the short one) and Brett. I put some more pictures over on my brand spankin new photography blog. You can check it out at Is it weird that having my actual name as my domain pleases me to no end? It really does.

I’m trying to build my portfolio, as they say, and so right now there’s not much to see over at the other site. Speaking of that, if you’re near me (North Carolina) and want some free photos, please get in touch! I’m really learning so much from taking pictures of people who aren’t my immediate family. And I’ve learned that I LOVE taking pictures of people. So unpredictable and spontaneous and FUN! Like today, little Benji was not giving up the smile. Although I love the pictures I got, and I think his family will too, I know I need a few more tricks up my sleeves for the toddler set.

Many thanks to Megan and Brett and Benji for letting me come play with them today. Also, thanks for the Skittles and the fresh-from-the-oven pumpkin chocolate chip bread. I think I’ll go have a slice right now.

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