a swatch to remind you


I have many theories about why I stepped away from pattern writing for almost a whole year. One big one is that I kept being blown away by great patterns that were coming out, and I’d think, “I wish I could do that!” or “Why didn’t I think of that!” It was silly, really, and also self-destructive. I was beating myself up for thinking I wasn’t good enough.

But the patterns I’ve written are good. And although I didn’t believe it for a long stretch there, I think I’ve still got more good ones in me.

Yesterday my messy desk got the best of me. The pile on the floor collapsed as I was searching for my DPN case, which led me to clean up the pile, which led me to find snippets of sketches and pattern ideas, which led me to a file I keep in my filing cabinet called “pattern writing ideas”, which led me back to this sweet swatch that has been hiding in my closet for at least a few months.

I am going to try to jump back in. This swatch could – nay, should – become an awesome hat! Let’s see if I’ve got it in me!

6 thoughts on “a swatch to remind you

  1. oh, you have it!!!!
    I am making your madalina mittens right now -FANTASTIC pattern. love them and planning to do others from your red collection soon.

  2. I’m confused why you doubted yourself but glad you have your mojo back. You’ll clearly have a ‘style’ to your designing. So, some people will like it and some won’t. And there will be things that you’ll design and others you won’t. That’s what keeps it interesting!

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