Many Sundays are spent with my mother-in-law. Today, knowing that we were headed to her house, I decided I’d bring my camera and get some photos of her yard then come home and write my post this evening. I brought all the knitting, but OF COURSE I FORGOT MY CAMERA. So instead I grabbed her point-and-shoot and snapped this picture of Jerry clearing the leaves off her porch, uploaded it using her computer and am posting from her house. I am considering this a sort of cheater post, but then again, haven’t they all been cheater posts? That’s how I feel, although I do see the value of this whole NaBloPoMo thing in that it’s forcing me to post even when I have nothing to post about. Like right now.

A few minutes ago I got a tweet from my sister. “Mimosas in the hot tub in the snow in the daytime.” And she wanted me to come over to join her. I would, except that it takes approximately forever to get from High Point, NC to Anchorage, AK. That kind of tweet makes me miss my sister a lot. But I do get to talk to her often and she likes my daily posts, and that’s enough for me to see this challenge through until the end of the month. Even if this post and the ones that follow seem like total cop outs.

There is a fire in the fire pit outside, and the kids are urging me to join them. Until tomorrow, dear readers.


5 thoughts on “Away

  1. Loved the fall colors on the trees. Don’t see that here on the central coast of California so your picture was a special treat. Will knit the hat as soon as my printer gets some ink. Already tried to download it but alas no ink in the printer!

  2. Sigh. I live in Juneau, AK and my cousin/bff lives in Asheville, NC. I just got back from visiting her last week. It takes FOREVER to get there from here! I guess most journeys are inherently epic when you have to start in Alaska but NC seems especially far away for some reason.

    I’m really enjoying getting caught up on your NaBloPoMo even though it’s making me miss NC!

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