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On the way to Starbucks to meet Lisa I grabbed my camera. I was going to take an amazing, artistic, tasteful and descriptive photo of our coffee and/or knitting. It was a whole plan. When I took the camera out of my bag it was unresponsive. Not a blink or a beep or anything. I vaguely remember that in the past, if the battery was dead it would least blink a little battery with an X to indicate you can try to turn me on but I’m out of juice. I had one thousand heart attacks thinking about what if it wasn’t the battery and what will I do? WHAT WILL I DO?

I used Lisa’s iPad to take a picture (neither amazing nor artistic) of my coffee and put the camera out of my mind. We had a nice time drinking our coffee and chatting. I would say the knitting was nice, too, except that Lisa was knitting Felted Clogs and if you’ve ever knit that pattern then you know it involves a certain amount of attention. I knew she was counting, and yet I didn’t stop all my chatting, and Wraps and Turns were missed. I feel bad. Sorry Lisa!

I rushed home, removed the hopefully dead battery, inserted the back-up battery, and blink! She came alive! What a relief.

3 thoughts on “saturday

  1. Is that an egg nog latte in that cup?! I haven’t had my first nog of the season yet and I’m dying to! Only a couple more weeks until I fly down to civilization to see my fam for the holidays and I will make a beeline to the nearest coffee shop. :) Glad your camera is ok!

  2. Happened to me the last time I drove three hours to a work job site. Specifically to take photos of the work progress. Battery indicator was on the fritz I guess because it said it had a full charge at my house. Yet was dead when I got there. sigh. Thank goodness for cheap disposable cameras for sale at Walgreens!

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