Portrait | Michelle

What a pleasure it was to meet up with my friend Michelle this afternoon for some portraits. She’s in her first year at college, so I haven’t seen her around much lately. We used to run into each other all the time at the yarn shop! But now we don’t! It’s so sad. To see more from our photoshoot, including the hilarious (to me) picture above, visit my post on mandypowers.com. The one below must be my favorite. OF ALL TIME.

Portrait | Michelle


4 thoughts on “portraits

  1. I know Michelle and she’s very pretty in person, but she looks like a professional model in these. You’ve found your calling, Mandy. Great shots!

  2. I hope she realizes how beautiful she is. Now that I’m in my 30’s, I wish I could shake my unconfident teenage self into realizing how beautiful she was. And when I see pictures like this, I hope the portraitee doesn’t have the same delusions. Beautiful.

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