More Good Wool

More thrift store wool

As promised, I headed back to the thrift stores on Monday, looking for more wool. This time I had luck at the local Salvation Army. It really is a quick process for me. I start by finding the right aisle, then I quickly flip through the clothes, keeping my eyes peeled and using my hand to feel for wool. When I come across an item that might be wool, I go straight for the tag and hope for the best.

Here’s what I found. And it made me happy.

More thrift store wool

The skirt is 80% wool and 20% polyester. Normally I wouldn’t be interested in a wool blend, but the quality and condition of this skirt are excellent. The color is just what I want for my project and because of the pleats, there’s a lot of fabric to work with. It cost $3.

More thrift store wool

Here’s the next one I found, another $3 skirt.

More thrift store wool

The color is perfect. Just what I wanted. Here’s the tag.

More thrift store wool

I just googled Pendleton Woolen Mills. The company is still in operation in Portland, Oregon, and still using the tagline “Warranted to be a Pendleton”. I like the blankets they have on their website, especially this 5th Avenue Glacier Park Throw made in the U.S.A. of 100% merino. Yes, please.

Do we have time for an aside? That Glacier Park Throw is 54″x72″ and costs $138 + shipping. It immediately reminded me of a recent Purl Bee post for the Hudson Bay Inspired Crib Blanket. I was tipped off on Twitter about the outrageous project costs of Purl Bee stuff (which I love despite how $$ they are, BTW) so I just did the math. The crib blanket has a finished size of 34″x39″ and the yarn costs $335.00 + shipping. And then you have to knit it.

Anyway. Think on that for a while.

The Pendleton skirt is a size 18, so again, lots of fabric to work with!

More thrift store wool

Next I went to the aisle that had women’s suits, and I found this beautiful skirt and jacket. And when I say beautiful, you know I mean that I’m going to cut it all up and make it MORE beautiful, right? Although this is a pretty nice suit.

More thrift store wool

The pattern is a very fine check.

More thrift store wool

This skirt has a zipper, which I’ll use in my project. Bonus! And here are the tags from this one.

More thrift store wool

I also googled David Brooks Ltd but mostly it’s just ebay auctions for skirts and stuff like this.

I hope I don’t jinx myself for saying this, but I have all the supplies I need to make some headway with these items tomorrow! I will not have any errands to run – mark my words. Tomorrow is crafting day!

5 thoughts on “More Good Wool

  1. I loved the Hudson blanket on the Purl Bee blog. I also figured out the cost and couldn’t believe it. I commented on the post saying…I love this blanket but who can honestly afford to make this? I would need to find an alternative to the yarn. Obviously they didn’t let my comment post which I expected. Now in the comments they list other yarn recommendations. A lot of their projects are very expensive. I do like their ideas though.

  2. Not to go on and on about this, but thanks for bringing up the cost of the Purl Bee projects. My thoughts exactly! Another outrageous one is their Super Easy Baby Blanket. They sell a kit for $120 but I made one for $28 using Knit Picks Swish DK. That yarns comes in tons of fun colors, knits up beautifully, and made a great blanket.

    I can’t wait to see what you make out of all this recycled wool!

  3. Pendleton!!! That stuff is so nice. When I was a teen shopping at thrift stores in Oregon I used to come across a lot of that stuff. I imagine the company, although operated in Portland, is originally from Pendleton, OR…? Anyway – these are great finds. :)

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