making all the things

cookie pops

I made something from Pinterest! Oreo Snowman Pops! We flew (and by “flew” I mean “drove swiftly” not “took an airplane”) down to South Carolina to see the family for the weekend. Though none of us were ready for full-on Christmas stuff, I did whip up a batch of these super cute candies to give to everyone. Maggie and Jerry helped make the faces, but I did the dipping, because that part was hard, yo.

cookie pops

There was a little leftover white chocolate, so Maggie made the last pop, then popped it in her mouth.

cookie pops

I made reinbeers, also found on pinterest.


Actually, it was Gerald who made these beers, all I did was cute-ify them. You can tell what style of beer they are by the letter on the bottle cap. I mean, HE can tell what they are. All I do is drink and enjoy them. And now that they’re reinbeers, they taste good and look cute. He’s taking these to his work party for the secret santa thing.

Tonight we went and got our Christmas tree! I did not find it on pinterest. :(

free tree

It’s gorgeous, and it was free! Gerald listens to the radio all day while he’s driving around, and his station kept doing “12 Days of Christmas” giveaways. When the prize last week was a gift certificate for a tree from the farmer’s market, he was all over it! Gerald definitely has a knack for that sort of thing.

He also has a knack for putting lights on the tree, ever since I taught him that you have to squint to see if the lights are right. So far so good!


Since I took this picture, he’s finished the lights. The tree is, as usual, perfect. I made a deal with Maggie that I won’t, under any circumstances, start decorating the tree without her. Of course I wouldn’t dare!

6 thoughts on “making all the things

  1. Beautiful! Saw those snow man pops. They look great! Did you see the twinkle tutorial on pinterest. Tells you how to get the twinkles to show on the Christmas lights. You might already know. Love the beer!

  2. I love everything about this post. I LOVE the half-lit tree. I love Maggie jogging along next to her daddy. I love how Gerald looks like a super-hero carrying that thing. I LOVE that you had to admit that you didn’t find the tree on Pinterest. For SHAME, Mandy. For shame.

  3. WOW! A free tree!?! That’s so wonderful. We love to cut our own, but they cost a pretty penny. I love the beers and pops…your kids are so lucky to have such a crafty mom.

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