Runaround Bag

Runaround Bag

It’s time to reveal my secret sewing project! I visited my sister-in-law last weekend, and since we won’t see her again until after Christmas I gave her an early present. The bag is what I made with those red wool skirts. Remember? The pattern is called The Runaround Bag from Noodlehead. It’s a really, really great pattern –  perfectly written and easy to follow, what with all the pictures. The pattern is a steal for $7, considering that I could probably make at least one of these bags a year for the foreseeable future.  In addition, the pattern includes a license so you’re allowed to sell any bags you make on a small scale. How cool is that?

Runaround Bag

For this red bag, I used two thrift store skirts; one for the lining and one for the exterior. They are different shades of red, and I put the lighter/brighter one on the inside. The red on the outside is a deeper and richer color. One downside of the whole “thrifting for fabric” thing? There is a lot of waste, and it’s a job just figuring out if you have enough pieces with the seams in the right spot, etc. But I’ve saved all the waste to hopefully put into another project someday.

The blue bias tape binding fabric, while not thrifted, came from a yard sale! Other than the interfacing and the thread, this is a very old bag.

Runaround Bag

Shortly after I gave it to my sister-in-law, I found it hanging from a hook in her house. It was meant to live with her, as you can plainly see.


Roqua! That’s RED+AQUA! They were MFEO (made for each other).

I made a second bag using the gray Pendleton skirt from this post, and without taking a single picture of it gave it to my niece. Sad face (that I didn’t take any pictures) but happy face (because she was so, so happy).

I may or may not be making more bags. They may or may not be for you. I may or may not keep one for myself. NO ONE KNOWS.

I also may or may not have developed a serious addiction to looking for wool at the thrift stores. And then buying it and bringing it home to cut it all to pieces. I have a problem.

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