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Jerry's Mitts

I finished up Jerry’s fingerless mitts yesterday, and after a good blocking, they look great and he loves them. This kid has been asking for fingerless mitts for ages, and I am glad he finally has a pair.

For a few days this week I wondered why I was doing this again, wondered if I even wanted to be doing it, wondered if I would finish. But with just a few hours of dedicated knitting time (and some choice documentaries on Netlix Instant*) I am confident I can pull this challenge off and confident the Giants will win.

*Page One and Exit Through the Gift Shop, both good

Jerry's Mitts

Jerry's Mitts

Jerry's Mitts

Maggie has half a pair of mitts, almost, and then I just need to knit a pair for myself. I can totally do this.

Maggie's Mitt

Yay Giants!

4 thoughts on “right on track

  1. God help me if ken sees these! I’ll have to knit another pair for him…. None for Gerald? You are a wonder: going to school and knitting?

  2. A few other good documentaries….
    Man on Wire
    Between the Folds (who knew oragami could be so facinating)
    Art of the Steal
    Eames: The Architet and the painter (excellent)
    which in thurn I now want to watch….
    The Films of Charles and Ray Eames. ‘

    Happy Knitting.

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