My work here is done.

I finished my challenge. It’s funny how during these past two weeks I’ve wondered 1) why I chose such an easy challenge, and 2) OMG HOW AM I EVER GOING TO FINISH THIS IS TOO MUCH KNITTING TO DO IN SUCH A SHORT TIME PERIOD WITH ALL OF LIFE’S OTHER COMMITMENTS AND PRIORITIES. Yeah.

Actually, the hardest thing was getting everyone on board for the group picture. But I have a tripod! And a remote! So it wasn’t that bad. The kids like the one with the cat.

And I like the close up shot, even if it is out of focus.

When we did this in 2008, I had my little point and shoot camera balancing on a pile of things on top of the picnic table. It’s really a miracle that this picture exists at all. But I love it, and I’m glad we have an updated family picture. Nothing like a superbowl knitting challenge to bring us together in front of the camera.

My mitts were the last ones that I knit and I finished them yesterday morning. I was so angry at the weather for raining and therefore extending the time required for them to dry after blocking. But I am glad I blocked them because holy wow, Ultra Alpaca knit at such a tight gauge needed to be blocked.

All that’s left is to watch the game! GO GIANTS!

15 thoughts on “My work here is done.

  1. Well, I am super impressed! You’ve knit 6 mitts and a beer cozy in the time I’ve been working on one mitten! I’m hoping to get some serious knitting in during the game today. Wahoo!

  2. Yeah my Giants. Won. Would you happen to have patt ern for the hand cozies for sale or free download. Thanks for the Giants Graphs. They will make nice
    things. Have a great day

  3. Great job! I knitted all through the game on some socks, but had to put them down and cheer during the last 2 minutes! Very exciting game! No particular favorite, but my hubby was football starved (He LOVES college football, but not much for Pro’s) and we decided early on that we liked the Giants because Eli Manning’s family has SEC ties. :)

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