thirtythree years + thirtythree percent = SALE

In less than two weeks I am turning thirty three years old! Thirty two was most notable for the appearance of gray hairs and my choice to return to school. I could have done without all the gray, but school is amazing and life is good. I think a celebration is in order.

Birthday Sale

Now through Thursday, October 18th take 33% of any single Zigzagstitch pattern or eBook.
Use the coupon code THIRTYTHREE in your shopping cart to receive the discount.

All of my self-published designs are eligible for the discount. Find them here.
Note: You can use the code once, for one purchase. The discount works on multiple patterns only if you add the eBook to your shopping cart!

May I suggest?

End of May eBook by Mandy Powers

Year after year the End of May eBook remains my number one selling item. Use code thirtythree and get both patterns for just $6.03!

Crystal Collection by Mandy Powers

The Crystal Collection was published in June, and now that mitten and hat season is imminent, it’s time to grab this eBook! Six patterns for $18 is a nice deal, but use the code thirtythree to get the collection for just $12.06! WOWZA!

Or have a look at all the pattern on Ravelry! Thank you for helping me celebrate, and thank you for hanging around!

One thought on “thirtythree years + thirtythree percent = SALE

  1. I would totally take advantage of this if I hadnt’ already bought almost all your patterns already, lol!
    Happy birthday! I’m almost 34 and I’ve had plenty of gray hairs for a while now. I refuse to dye my hair, though. I think I’ve earned my gray!

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