Christmas Knitting

My knitting time is scarce, yo. But it is Spring Break at school – woo! – and yesterday I picked up the Christmas stockings I started a while ago. The pattern is really quick to knit, actually, and I might even finish this angel stocking today if I don’t have to rip out the heel twice like I did on the first one.


They will all be personalized at the top with our names. I am going to make six stockings; four for us, one for the cat (the kids insist) and one for my mother in law who is often with us on Christmas morning. So I’m one quarter of the way to being finished, and it’s only March 5th!

The yarn I’m using is Bartlettyarn Maine Wool and it is so woolly and sheepy and farmy. You know I love it.

Guess what else? Today is Maggie’s birthday. She is SEVEN. Here she is on her first birthday (I always post this picture, I can’t even help myself).

Maggie's first birthday


And here she is at her little party on Saturday, hugging the beef jerky that her father gave her. She is his daughter, that’s for sure.



Happy Birthday, sweet Maggie!


5 thoughts on “Christmas Knitting

  1. Happy birthday to your girl! My son turned 7 last month. He didn’t get beef jerky :) We gave him a fort kit instead (PVC pipe and fittings from the hardware store, plus some sheets from the thrift store) and he was thrilled.

  2. What a gorgeous girl. Happy birthday to her! I’ve always thought about knitting xmas stockings. Probably by the time I get around to it, the kids will be too old.

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