Christmas Stockings

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I’m pleased as punch that I had the foresight last January to start knitting the Christmas stockings. They are done, all six, and I was never stressed about finishing. Now, it did take me nearly a year to knit what amounts to very little knitting but we are not focusing on that.

We have finished stockings, people, and that is all that matters!!!

The patterns all came from the Christmas Stocking eBook from Annie’s Woolens¬†and were all perfectly written. The only tiny change I made was to add a picot edge at each top hem. I absolutely loved knitting short row heels and toes because it is a technique that I haven’t used much before. The instructions made it really easy to understand. Since I usually knit socks toe-up, it was also quite thrilling to know that I can do a mean kitchener, without even looking up directions.

I’m so glad that I bought the recommended yarn for this pattern: Barlettyarns Maine Wool. It is rustic and woolly and you know I love that. I remember doing some crude math last January to try and determine how much yarn I would need for all six stockings. Miraculously I got it right – I used every skein and didn’t run out. Came a little close with the green though.

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You can check out my pattern page for each stocking (basically just a bigger version of the pictures, not much else) on Ravelry.

Merry Christmas!

5 thoughts on “Christmas Stockings

  1. Gorgeous, Mandy! I knit stockings for my kids and husband a few years ago (my grandma knit mine when I was a baby), and every year when I pull them out, they make me so happy. Yours are absolutely beautiful. I especially love the “Cat” one. :)

  2. LOVE all of these!! I’ve been searching for the perfect stocking patterns but have yet to find any I like. These are awesome, though!!! And, I LOVE that you have one for the cat with a cat on it :)

  3. Mandy, those stockings look awesome! I’m thinking of making them for my grandchildren, but I was somewhat disappointed to see that the final measurements were roughly 6.5″ by 21″. Yours appear to be larger (which is what I want). What’s your secret?

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