Noro Scarf

20140106_lauren noro scarf_2

As always, I knit this scarf over 42 stitches and slipped the first stitch knitwise on every row. I think this makes the best looking edges for this pattern. The colorways of Noro Silk Garden are 8 and 358.

20140106_lauren noro scarf_3

This is one of those patterns that is both super fun to knit (oh hai I am easily amused by yarn that automatically changes color) and a very useful finished knit. I have two of these scarves and they both get tons of wear. Silk + wool is warm and with two of these scarves one is always going to match whatever I’m wearing. Because matching is so important. Ha.

20140106_lauren noro scarf_1

This scarf is going to live with a friend. It’s hard to say goodbye to such a pretty thing!

Noro Striped Scarf Project Page on Ravelry

4 thoughts on “Noro Scarf

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks and your knitting is beautiful! What prompted me to write is your Noro Scarf. I knitted up 5 of these for Christmas gifts and they were so well received. And I made mittens to ‘match’. Very easy to do and so nice for male or female. Thanks for sharing all your projects and giving such inspiration!

  2. Hi there Mandy.
    Would it be possible to enlarge the I Heart you sweater pattern, to fit an adult with breast size 49″? It’s such a cute sweater, and I’ve a huge stash of yarn, begging to be an I Heart You sweater.
    Tine Friis Jensen

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