thirtythree years + thirtythree percent = SALE

In less than two weeks I am turning thirty three years old! Thirty two was most notable for the appearance of gray hairs and my choice to return to school. I could have done without all the gray, but school is amazing and life is good. I think a celebration is in order.

Birthday Sale

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Or have a look at all the pattern on Ravelry! Thank you for helping me celebrate, and thank you for hanging around!

Vivacity | Synchronicity

I’m so happy to share with you some more of my friend Cindy’s new patterns. Every couple of weeks I get a call: “Hey Mandy, are you available?” And I know that means Cindy has her next pattern ready to be photographed. Fortunately for us, her daughter/model Mallory was home from college for the long weekend. Next time I guess we’ll be heading to the mountains for the photoshoot. Fine by me! Get the floor ready, Mal, because I’m spending the night.

This first pattern is Synchronicity, or 11:11. From the pattern: “The 11:11 scarf if a mind-focusing project that gives you an opportunity to reflect on your spiritual purpose in life.” I knit one. I had revelations. Get your copy for just $3 on Ravelry. The pictures:

Synchronicity Scarf by Cindy Colbert of

Synchronicity Scarf by Cindy Colbert of

Synchronicity Scarf by Cindy Colbert of

Synchronicity Scarf by Cindy Colbert of

You can see it’s a straightforward pattern that gets it life from your yarn choice and the energy you put into it while knitting. I used a hand spun, hand dyed BFL which obviously was amazing. I’ll have to snap a pic.

The next pattern, which we just photographed yesterday, is Vivacity! It’s a sweet open-front sweater, constructed with lacy squares sewn together. This one is $5 and is available on Ravelry right now!

Vivacity by Cindy Colbert of

Vivacity by Cindy Colbert of

Vivacity by Cindy Colbert of

Vivacity by Cindy Colbert of

The other option for getting these patterns or any of Cindy’s other designs is to visit her website  Cindy also is really getting into the groove with her tweeting. Check it. She needs more followers!

Goodbye, Summer

It’s that time again – back to school. Jerry and Maggie started today. Unlike last year, I didn’t spend the day crying thank heavens. For me it was a mix of happy, sad, and rushing to get ready last minute. Jerry is going to a new school for 5th grade and the bus came for him first.



Yeah, it was too early for actual sunlight. Good thing I grabbed my flash at the last second! Considering he is going to a school where he doesn’t know anyone, and will be in a more challenging environment, he was surprisingly calm. I’ve been thinking about him all day and I hope he’s doing well!

Maggie, sweet Maggie, started first grade today. She popped out of bed with a smile on her face and didn’t stop talking for one minute. She is excited about school. Her teacher said they will be having a classroom pet and that is obviously the most exciting news in the entire world. We did not know if Humphrey the Hamster would be there today, but I’m sure I’ll get a full report when she gets home. Her bus was late so we had time for more pictures,  in the daylight this time.





Where does the time go, exactly? Because I’d really like to know. It feels like we just did this.

Happy school days, everyone! I hope it’s a great year!