craftiness overload

Let’s just get down to business, shall we?

Jerry’s Knight costume is half finished.


It still needs a belt and the boot things. The pattern is Simplicity 5520 and I love how it has turned out so far. Maggie’s Dragon costume is still brewing in my brain.

The Three Button Wrap for my mom is all the way finished.

three button wrap

Now you can clearly see why it’s called the Three Button Wrap. Those are 2.5″ buttons! I took just over 5 skeins of the Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande, color 69.

Also finished is the first pair of socks for the mother-in-law.

amish socks

What would you call that heel? I call it a pigeon heel just for fun, but I think the proper term is ‘eye of partridge.’ Anyone?  I love how it looks with this yarn, and it knits up densely – as good a quality in a heel as you could ask for.

The yarn is Lorna’s Laces in Amish. I’ll tell you what, this was my first time working with Lorna’s and I’m sad that these squishy soft beauties are off the needles. They were a pleasure to knit.

The clothes I made for myself are all the way finished, too.

the best picture you're going to get of my outfit

Sorry, no modeled shot just yet. I’ll have to bug Gerald to have another photo shoot. The jacket on the left is corduroy without the wale. The shirt in the middle is rayon (think thin and drapey and stretchy). The skirt on the right is a polyester herringbone. If JoAnn’s had more than one bolt of wool maybe I would have made a wool skirt, but the color on that one bolt was pretty horrible. So polyester it is, and actually it’s nice enough and is a great color and has good drape.

I’m going to make an October Sweater for Maggie.

october sweater

Picot edges, cloverleaf eyelet, EPS design, good ol’ Cascade 220. I’m calling it the October Sweater because I liked the name of the June Sweater so much.

Just one more update for you: Spinning.

Spinning Wheel I

The spinning has mostly been on the back burner but I spun this 2.5 oz. of mohair/wool from Three Waters Farm and now I’m plying it.  I love the gorgeous golden green color of it.

Why, with all the progress on wips and various finished things, do I feel so bored with everything?  Do I dare say I’ve lost my knitting mojo?  I hate the word mojo, and there I just used it!  What’s the dilly-o?



This is the extent of knitting related accomplishments for the last week or so. None of the seventy-eleven pairs of socks I’ve started have comrades yet (or comraids, depending on who you ask). Nonetheless, I did start and finish a whole other pair of socks. Probably the best socks I ever knit.

handspun socks

From my own handspun yarn, for Mag to wear when we go for walks on chilly mornings. Actually, I walk and she rides in the buggy with pretzels. The yarn is made from Hello Yarn hand dyed wool top in the color ‘Scrappy’.

Despite the lack of knitting, I’ve been busy with other crafty pursuits. For some crazy reason I decided to make myself some clothes to wear to my cousin’s wedding at the end of the month. After I bought the fabric and patterns I remembered that I’m not a seamstress. That didn’t stop me from making a whole outfit and it turned out rather well, actually. I’m sort of inspired to sew a whole fall wardrobe and improve my crude sewing skills.

I made a wrap top with long sleeves, a skirt and a jacket (linked to pictures of the patterns in flickr). I’ll try and get some pictures of my outfit after I hem the jacket, but no promises there. The skirt and the jacket are unlined, which is fine but I’d really like to try to make some nicer, lined things. CUTE LINED JACKET ALERT.

There are also Halloween costumes in the works – Knight for Jerry, Dragon for Maggie. I’m trying to buy as little new stuff as possible to save money and because there’s just so much crap around my house, but the Knight might require some special supplies.

So yea, I’ve been sorta super busy with the sewing, but not so much with the knitting.


Step away from the alpaca, baby.

Hey, just one more thing. The ‘tape hand’ thing from the last entry was reference to the new show “Reaper” on The CW. It was a line from the series premiere, and Nova was the first in the comments to get it. Yeah for Nova! And yeah for anyone else who is watching this awesome new show.

(No, I haven’t decided what to do with the sister sweater. Don’t ask.)


For about an hour yesterday, with Mag sleeping and Jerry off at Kindercamp, I sat at my spinning wheel, listened to a podcast on the computer, and tried to come up with another way to distract you from the fact that my camera was still broken.Then the camera arrived in the mail and I took seventy-eleven pictures of all the things I’ve knit! For a while there, I was on a hat kick. Here are the FOs from the last couple o’ weeks:

Ganomy II

handspun ganomy II

Pattern: Ganomy from Knitters Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmermann. If you don’t have any EZ books yet go buy one, any one, right away. You won’t be sorry and your Knitting Life will be forever changed.
Yarn: Handspun by me from corriedale wool top in ‘Trodden’ by Adrian at HelloYarn.
Needles: US 10.5. As with Maggie’s Ganomy, I really just knit this on the fly without taking notes. Add to that Maggie’s recent tendency to pull all the pages out of my knitting notebook, crumple them, and throw them in the garbage can. The result is that I can’t remember any of the details of this project. It looks silly when I wear it, but somedays I feel like wearing a silly hat. There you go.

Pirate Hat II

We Call Them Pirates

Pattern: We Call Them Pirates. Free online from Hello Yarn.
Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport. 1 ball each in Pepper and Natural.
Needles: US 3 for hat, US 1 for lining.
The first time I made this, I used Encore sport weight. Why I didn’t use 100% wool for my first stranding project is a mystery to me. If I was trying to save a buck, that was ridiculous because the Nature Spun Sport is only $3.50 a ball. For the lining, I used some of my remnants of the Herbal yarn I had leftover from the socks that I finished but never told you about.

herbal peek-a-boo

The hat is great, it fits me snugly and Jerry loosely, and looks identical to the first one.



Pattern: Zeebee from Schmeebot, free online.
Needles: US 4 for body of hat, US 3 for brim.
Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed. This was the very first time ever in my life that I ever ever knit with Rowan Yarn. It was great. The color is 145 – very manly, but it has a reddish tint when the sunlight hits it. I’m giving this to my very good friend, Pierluigi, who lives is LA and has very little need for a wool/alpaca hat. But because he loves me, I know he will love and appreciate this hat.

If you have seen this pattern before, you will notice that I added a garter stitch border to the brim. When I finished the body, I didn’t like how much it flared out. Maybe I knit it just a little too big. So I said, “Aw heck,” and tried a border. I picked up one stitch for each ridge and knit about 12 rows (back and forth), bound off using EZ’s sewn cast-off (see, you should really buy one of her books), and sewed up the seam.

It is so perfect now that I want to keep it. It even looks good on the Mag.

trying on hats

Bangs cut much?



Pattern:  Made up myself, starting with the Generic Norwegian Hat Chart (free from, you guessed it, Hello Yarn) and fudging around with it in Excel until it looked right.
Needles: US 4 for hat, US 3 for lining.
Yarn: Dale of Norway Heilo, 100% wool.
This is for my Dad, who has a hobby of collecting Volkswagens, fixin’ ’em up, and then driving them all around and talking about them incessantly.  He currently has a little red Bug that looks much like the one I knit on the hat.  Smoke coming from the tailpipe and all.  My mom told me to put a peace sign on it, so I did.

Trouble is, my Dad wears his hats all funny like; just covering the top of his head and not his ears.  So while I love this hat, it might not be the one my Dad ends up getting.  I’m trying to figure out a pattern that will have a ribbed brim that he can fold up, and a VW logo on the top where the decreases are.  We’ll see.

Phew.  I feel such a relief that my camera is back.  I’ve got lots of socks on the pins now (weird for me) and two sweaters.  I’ll be reporting soon!

ps.  My Leaf Lace post was in Cara’s recent issue of Yarnival!