The Hats

I joked on Twitter yesterday that I was going to get out all the things in my house that I’ve knitted, and it would be shocking and awesome. There are a lot of knitted things that live in my closet, and I don’t feel bad about it. I knit for pleasure, but I also knit as a business. I knit for my immediate family and a few other folks.  I just don’t give my knits away as gifts.

Today I did get all the knitting out, but it seems reasonable to just blog about hats today. The number of mittens is obscene and they deserve their own day to shine. Here are all the hats that live in my house that I could locate:

The Hats

From top left, clockwise.

My self-published designs: 9
Self-published in The Red Collection: 13
Elizabeth Zimmermann hats: 5
Hats for which designs should appear eventually: 5
My designs published elsewhere: 4
Hats under surveillance for moths (in the plastic bag): 1
Improvised hats with no patterns: 9
Hats I keep, but were not made by me: 2 (more about these below)
Knit from other people’s patterns: 16

If my math is correct, that’s 64 hats on the table.

According to what’s been recorded in Ravelry, there are 2 hats not pictured that should be (one is in Gerald’s work truck, one is missing). I have knit 15 hats that were given as gifts, donations or samples.

I have at least 3 hats that are currently on the needles.

There’s gotta be plenty more that I don’t have a record of that are hiding in the house, or given away pre-Ravelry, or who knows what.

I like knitting hats.

About the two pictured above that I didn’t knit: The pink one is the one Maggie wore home from the hospital when she was born. It is handknit and had the world’s saddest pompom. The brown and orange one is from J.Crew. I borrowed/stole it from a guy I once knew in college. I’ve lost touch with him, but he was one of the coolest and most fun guys I ever had the pleasure of knowing. I keep the hat to remember him, and because it looks really good on me.

Warning: Tomorrow is mittens, and there are a lot.


All Wooled Up

Wooled Up

It was 29 degrees out at the bus stop this morning! I brought the wool basket down, gathered some of the recently finished knits and everyone bundled up against the cold. The newest item being worn was the Noro Scarf that I was working on a few days ago. I blocked it yesterday, and because my room gets super warm with the door closed at night, it was dry this morning!

More info about the Scarf for Jerry on Ravelry. When Jerry comes home today I’ll have to weigh the yarn to see how much was used. The yarn was a gift and already wound into balls, so I’m not sure of the exact yardage. If I had to guess it would be maybe 3 skeins?

Wooled Up

Jerry is also wearing his new Asheboro Hat.  The mittens are the Girdwood Mittens in Cascade 220 knit in the Big Kid size. Remember the Girdwood Mittens? The pattern comes in all sizes and would be a quick knit for Christmas gifts! Just sayin!

Wooled Up

If you’re wondering about the way he’s posing in this picture, he was being a robot. It has something to do with Looney Tunes I think.

And now for Maggie’s ensemble! She beats Jerry by one point because she is wearing a hand knit coat!

Wooled Up

The coat is the recently completed Tomten. Yesterday was a cold morning, too, so I put her Tomten out where she could see it and told her it was cold. I don’t want to force her to wear the knitting, but I want to make sure she remembers that it’s an option. And yesterday she chose to wear the knitted coat! I was so happy.

Wooled Up

Like Jerry, Maggie (doing robot moves) is also wearing Girdwood Mittens and her Asheboro Hat.  Her mittens are undocumented on the blog and Ravelry because they were a Girdwood prototype. She loves them, but the mittens are…imperfect. Luckily for us Maggie is like the honey badger. She don’t give a shit that her mittens don’t match.

The scarf that Maggie is wearing is a simple lengthwise garter stitch scarf knit with glorious Baby Alpaca Grande. On Raverly, it says I finished this almost exactly 2 years ago! Imagine that.

Wooled Up

So maybe Maggie is not technically all wooled up, but partially alpaca-ed up. Even better!


gray hat gray day

hat, unfinished

You know, I looked for the size 5 needle that I needed to work on the hat I wanted to make and I couldn’t find it. I just used it for all those Asheboro Hats! I can’t imagine where it’s gone to. On the plus side, I found this beautiful gray hat that I started, finished, unraveled and started again months ago. It’s knit with Rowan Lima, a blend of wool, alpaca and nylon that is hard to resist. I checked to see that the needle being used for this hat wasn’t a 5 (it’s an 8 ) but once I touched the hat I couldn’t put it down. A few more decrease rounds and this will be a hat.

It’s gray and rainy outside today but I spied something yellow on the front porch.

yellow flower

And I spied something black sitting near me. Always near me. Walking on my head at 5:15 am. But now he wants to sleep! How about you try sleeping at 5:15 am? Want me to walk on your head while you’re sleeping? Didn’t think so.


I would say “you’re lucky you’re cute” but I’m really not that mad at him. He’s a good cat and I like him. Mostly.