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hat, unfinished

You know, I looked for the size 5 needle that I needed to work on the hat I wanted to make and I couldn’t find it. I just used it for all those Asheboro Hats! I can’t imagine where it’s gone to. On the plus side, I found this beautiful gray hat that I started, finished, unraveled and started again months ago. It’s knit with Rowan Lima, a blend of wool, alpaca and nylon that is hard to resist. I checked to see that the needle being used for this hat wasn’t a 5 (it’s an 8 ) but once I touched the hat I couldn’t put it down. A few more decrease rounds and this will be a hat.

It’s gray and rainy outside today but I spied something yellow on the front porch.

yellow flower

And I spied something black sitting near me. Always near me. Walking on my head at 5:15 am. But now he wants to sleep! How about you try sleeping at 5:15 am? Want me to walk on your head while you’re sleeping? Didn’t think so.


I would say “you’re lucky you’re cute” but I’m really not that mad at him. He’s a good cat and I like him. Mostly.

Asheboro Hat

When I started this daily posting thing, I made a self-imposed rule to post a picture taken the day of the post. Today I’m breaking my own rule, and I’m posting pictures of the new hat pattern!

Asheboro Hat

I’ve decided to call it the Asheboro Hat, in honor of that city down the road where I’ll be attending school come next year. I’ll be spending a lot of time in Asheboro! I’m so excited.

Asheboro Hat

I know I’ve said it already, but the Asheboro Hat is a great knit. Perfect if you’re just starting with colorwork! And if you’re experienced with two-color knitting, you can knit this hat in a day or two.

Asheboro Hat

We love our new hats! The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn knit at 5.5 sts/inch. I knit ours in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter. It’s  a great yarn for colorwork, and when you block the hat it’s softer than you can imagine! The Child size can will use one skein of Shelter, plus about 20 yards of a contrasting color. For the Adult Medium and Adult Large, you’ll need two skeins of Shelter for the main color.

Asheboro Hat

For more pattern details, and to queue, fave or purchase the pattern, please visit the Asheboro Hat page on Ravelry. And because I’m so excited to be releasing a new pattern, through the month of November the pattern will be available for just $3! Woohoo! You’ll see the discount when you add the pattern to your cart. Or if you’re ready to buy it right this instant, use the link below.

Asheboro Hat – $3 for a limited time only

Thanks so much, everyone! First for reading, but also for the support!





year of the hat

year of the hat?

With one new hat pattern under my belt, I’m moving onto the next. This one might look familiar – it’s based on the Girdwood Mittens from way back in January. I knit two hats with this pattern back then but never got around to getting the pattern written up. But now I’ve got some momentum and there will be a pattern! I’m also reminded of how much I love knitting hats (thanks in part to Heather’s recent post) so we can just go ahead and name this the Year of the Hat. Are you with me? Because really, who doesn’t need more hats?!?!?!?!?!

(It’s me. I don’t need more hats. No one in my family needs more hats. I just really like knitting them.)