year of the hat

year of the hat?

With one new hat pattern under my belt, I’m moving onto the next. This one might look familiar – it’s based on the Girdwood Mittens from way back in January. I knit two hats with this pattern back then but never got around to getting the pattern written up. But now I’ve got some momentum and there will be a pattern! I’m also reminded of how much I love knitting hats (thanks in part to Heather’s recent post) so we can just go ahead and name this the Year of the Hat. Are you with me? Because really, who doesn’t need more hats?!?!?!?!?!

(It’s me. I don’t need more hats. No one in my family needs more hats. I just really like knitting them.)


hat trio

new hats

Three hats have been knit, and I love each one. When I mowed the lawn today (with the bag on, thereby negating my need to rake, yay!) I wore the dark grey (SHELTER in SOOT), the one at the bottom. The hat is, if you’ll allow me to boast for a minute, the perfect hat. It snugs just so around the ears, making it highly functional for its intended purpose. It is an interesting and quick knit with worsted weight wool, and fun for knitters of all skill levels. The colorwork design is gender neutral and through color choice, the hat is well suited for girls and boys, men and women. And lastly, it’s a great looking hat.

Well, that was enough boasting for one day. I’m working on getting the pattern ready and then you can knit the perfect hat for yourself!


hats all around

This morning

I showed Jerry the hat when he came home from school yesterday and he asked if he could keep it for himself. So much meaning bundled up in that one request! Mostly the fact that he likes it makes me a very happy Mom and Knitter. The hat fits him and me both, so I was kinda thinking it would be mine, but it’s already his seeing as he wore it to school today. I took these pictures in the glorious daylight as we waited for the bus to arrive. They usually play tag and today was no different.

This morning

This morning

This morning

Maggie was headed to her very first fieldtrip, and she was over the moon. As she ran to the bus, I told her to remember everything so she could tell me all about it. I know I’ll get an earful, as usual. She’ll be home soon with the full report, and I can’t wait.  When she gets here I’ll get to show her the hat I knit her; the same as Jerry’s but her size and different colors. Hope it fits! Then, as I write up the pattern and have it tested by my trusty tester, do I dare knit a third for myself? One can’t have too many hats, I say.