Noro Scarf

I don’t know why I stopped knitting in the middle of the row, but something Very Important must have come up. That’s my current project that I can’t seem to find any time to work on. Yesterday was lovely, but nary a stitch was knit. Today, also lovely, but there are lots of things to work on and they are not related to knitting. I started this Noro Striped Scarf a week ago and had about 5 inches knit, but I didn’t like how the edges looked. So this morning I sat for a bit, unraveled what I had and started over. It’s much better now, slipping the first stitch of every row knitwise, and working a 1×1 ribbing over an even number of stitches. I long to sit down with it and get a few more rows knit today.

Thanksgiving was super fun. We made a craft! I love it when something I pin turns into something I actually DO. Love it. Interestingly, though, I based this craft only on viewing the picture of the pin, I never actually looked at the directions for the turkey hat (and alas, didn’t really have the right supplies to make them all into hats, so we ended up displaying them instead).

Family Craft Time: Participation Not Optional

We made a craft!

We made a craft!

We made a craft!

We had the best guests for dessert. They came with their party hats on and brought pumpkin cheesecake.

newspaper hats

We also continued a relatively new tradition. The one where Maggie stands at the hot stove and helps Sean Bhean  make the gravy.

in the kitchen

The pictures don’t really do this tradition justice, so this year – oh, I’m so smart – I took a video. Then uploaded it to YouTube. Then embedded it here for all to see. Enjoy!

All Wooled Up

Wooled Up

It was 29 degrees out at the bus stop this morning! I brought the wool basket down, gathered some of the recently finished knits and everyone bundled up against the cold. The newest item being worn was the Noro Scarf that I was working on a few days ago. I blocked it yesterday, and because my room gets super warm with the door closed at night, it was dry this morning!

More info about the Scarf for Jerry on Ravelry. When Jerry comes home today I’ll have to weigh the yarn to see how much was used. The yarn was a gift and already wound into balls, so I’m not sure of the exact yardage. If I had to guess it would be maybe 3 skeins?

Wooled Up

Jerry is also wearing his new Asheboro Hat.  The mittens are the Girdwood Mittens in Cascade 220 knit in the Big Kid size. Remember the Girdwood Mittens? The pattern comes in all sizes and would be a quick knit for Christmas gifts! Just sayin!

Wooled Up

If you’re wondering about the way he’s posing in this picture, he was being a robot. It has something to do with Looney Tunes I think.

And now for Maggie’s ensemble! She beats Jerry by one point because she is wearing a hand knit coat!

Wooled Up

The coat is the recently completed Tomten. Yesterday was a cold morning, too, so I put her Tomten out where she could see it and told her it was cold. I don’t want to force her to wear the knitting, but I want to make sure she remembers that it’s an option. And yesterday she chose to wear the knitted coat! I was so happy.

Wooled Up

Like Jerry, Maggie (doing robot moves) is also wearing Girdwood Mittens and her Asheboro Hat.  Her mittens are undocumented on the blog and Ravelry because they were a Girdwood prototype. She loves them, but the mittens are…imperfect. Luckily for us Maggie is like the honey badger. She don’t give a shit that her mittens don’t match.

The scarf that Maggie is wearing is a simple lengthwise garter stitch scarf knit with glorious Baby Alpaca Grande. On Raverly, it says I finished this almost exactly 2 years ago! Imagine that.

Wooled Up

So maybe Maggie is not technically all wooled up, but partially alpaca-ed up. Even better!



Diary of a Wimpy KidJerry reading after school today.

I was reminded this morning that the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid came out today. Every two weeks I get a Photojojo Time Capsule. I don’t even remember when I signed up for that email, but it’s fun to see what I was up to a year ago. Today’s time capsule included a photo of Jerry from November 9th, 2010 with the new book I had bought for him. Below is another shot from that day.

New BookFrom one year ago.

I made sure he still wanted the book, and went to the store to get the new one today. He’s already finished reading it, of course. They’re simple books and I guess he’s a pretty fast reader. But this series will always have a special place in my heart because it made him a reader. Instead of forcing him to read, now we’ve got to force him to put the book down and go to bed at bedtime.

In my Time Capsule there was also a picture of my purple Fiddlehead Mittens!

Fiddlehead Mittens

I love these so hard! They’re not mine anymore, but they belong to a knitter’s daughter so I can only assume they’re loved and respected.

In terms of current knitting, I’m working on another hat pattern. It requires a needle that I can’t find, so it’s on hold until I can either a) find the needle or b) get myself to the yarn store. How much you wanna bet I’ll end up at the yarn store tomorrow? I also have some background knitting; knitting that requires absolutely no attention whatsoever. Usually my background knitting is socks but I accidentally cast on for a scarf the other day, so I’ll knit on it until it’s done. The yarn is Noro Iro and was a gift from the knitter who’s daughter is the owner of the Fiddleheads.

Noro Iro scarf

The scarf has 20 stitches and I’m working in 1×1 ribbing, slipping the first stitch knitwise on every row. I’m technically making it for Jerry, who may or may not wear a scarf, I have no idea. But if it snows we’ll be ready!

Noro Iro scarf