the end


Well that’s it, folks! After I hit publish on this post, I will have successfully blogged every day in November! And I will never blog again.

Just kidding.

You know, for a challenge that I chose to do myself, with absolutely no one twisting my arm or anything, I whined about it quite a bit. Hopefully not too much here, but certainly to Gerald, my Mom and anyone else who would listen. But I posted every day, so I’m gonna do a little happy bloggy dance and eat the celebratory cookies I made for myself.

OK you got me. I already ate a cookie before I posted. I will not apologize for it, either!

You wanna know a secret? I have this delusion that no one reads my blog. Despite the comments, and despite my access to stats that suggest otherwise. In my little secret world, it’s just me writing on the internet to my sister because I hope that she reads what I put here.

But then, especially this month of daily posts, I hear from real live people who regularly check in to see what I’ve been saying. My besties Lisa, Cindy and Denise all get notified when I post, so they’re reading. My Mom always tells me she loves the day’s post when I talk with her on the phone, so I know she’s reading (and often commenting under her top secret alias “MOM”). My favorite local yarn shop employee, Natalie, knew about my newest pattern release, so she’s reading. I hear from lots of people that I know in person, and they’re reading! I’m always surprised but totally delighted.

And you’re here reading, right now! Thanks for that.

So do I get a pony or something for successfully completing this challenge? I really want a pony.


the ritual

The Ritual

When I am finished knitting a project, it’s not really finished finished until I’ve blocked it. And as I blocked this hat today it got me thinking. With many of you perhaps knitting or crocheting things to give as gifts for Christmas (or whatever holidays you celebrate), I wanted to remind you of my Blocking Tutorial. It should be a PSA. Don’t Give Unblocked Knitting as Gifts!  If you’re one of the hopefully few people who haven’t tried blocking yet, or you think it’s too hard, or takes too long, then please check out that tutorial.

For the rest of you, I’m sure you know at least one last hold out, a knitter friend who thinks they don’t need to block their FOs. Here’s a little gift, then, from me to you. Print out this shiny new one page PDF blocking tutorial (reprinted from The Red Collection) and give it to your friend with a little bottle of your favorite wool wash. She or he will love you for it, I promise. (Yes, the file says “personal use only” and you may not print out one hundred and sell them or give them away at a yarn shop. Just be reasonable, people.)

Today I blocked Jerry’s new Girdwood hat (pattern soon!), with that unruly curled edge that was driving me nuts.


The Ritual

The Ritual

Ahhh. Curly edge tamed. I am the boss of my own knitting! Now we wait for it to dry.

**Don’t forget, the Asheboro Hat is still just $3, but tomorrow is the last day to get that deal! A HUGE thank you to everyone who has already purchased the pattern! There’s already a few other projects, YAY!**

two families


Let me start by saying the photo shoot yesterday was awesome. Brandy and Beth Anne are both smart, gorgeous and fun women with great kids and amazing husbands. Really, I could go on but I don’t want it to sound fake with all the gushing. I was honored to spend time with both their families. They were so generous to give up a Sunday morning to let me “build my portfolio”.

I got some of my favorite shots ever in the history.

Brandy and her two hotties.

Beth Anne and her two hotties.

I’m really happy with a handful of the photos. But considering I took over 700, a handful isn’t that many. I glanced at most of them yesterday after I got home and as usual I get that dreaded feeling of I wish I could do better. I couldn’t even sleep last night thinking of all the shots I didn’t get or the shots I did get that were out of focus, or heads were cut off, etc. It didn’t help that the park we went to was lousy with families getting their pictures taken by actual professionals with big heavy equipment and assistants. I’ll say it, I was intimidated!

I’ve started reading a lot of photographer’s blogs lately and it’s actually encouraging. If you go back into deep archives of someone whose style you really admire, many times you can see the style emerging. Like, five years ago they were good, and now they’re great. So there’s that.

But then you come across the random blog post from someone you’ve been reading and admiring, and they say how stupid it is to go to school for photography. Here I am going to school for photography next year! I cannot linger on these things. I will not use blog space to rationalize why I should go to school (but I’ve done it plenty in my own head).

I don’t feel cocky or anything by saying that I think I’m actually good at taking pictures. After all I really love my handful from yesterday and I think the families will love them, too. That’s what matters.

Go ahead and judge for yourself! Just kidding, but you can see more of the pictures of Beth Anne’s family here, and Brandy’s family here.