fun bags

Thanks to Holly for the name of this post. She just emailed me her measurements, so technically I can begin on her sweater. She dubbed her chest measurement “fun bags” which I thought was fraking hilarious. Why have I not heard that before? She also told me that she was taking her measurements over black shorts and an orange tank top. Because the color of the item of clothing matters so much. Is that also fraking hilarious? Itis to me.

Other Fun Bags:

My luggage from my trip to Buffalo is finally unpacked. It was an awesome trip and we all had a blast, especially in the pool.

In the pool.

We visited my Aunt’s farm while on vacation, and I came home with the most fun bag EVER.


I admit, it doesn’t look much fun until you know that this particular fun bag is full of fiber.


This is a roving of mohair with some romney (that’s how my Aunt describes it) that came from the animals at my Aunt’s farm. I’m beyond excited about this. Step one: Refine my spinning skills. Step two: Make beautiful yarn. HA!

Next fun bag courtesy of the Woolly Lamb, a yarn store in East Aurora, NY. My mom got me two magazines – Interweave Knits new Felt Special Issue, and a back issue of Spin-Off – and some yarn to make socks for Jerry.

new yarn

A bag filled with purchases from a yarn store? Always a fun bag, if you ask me.

Could there be more fun bags? After seeing this I realized that I needed to make it immediately. I’m at that point where I just finished a big knit (details forthcoming) and I have the urge to cast on for everything immediately. So I cast on yesterday.

Lastly, I have no idea how this fits into my “fun bag” theme, but I finished one sock.

Herbal Toe-up

I have never been more in love with a sock or the yarn I used to make it.  It’s Fat Sock in the color I Want Herbal! from Hello Yarn.  I followed the pattern “You’re Putting Me On!” found for free here.  A ha!  Now I’ve got it!  You know what would make for a fun bag?  One filled with piles and piles and piles of Fat Sock.

Rapunzel – Prince Charming – Cinderella

My Aunt in Buffalo has a farm with animals. She does hayrides in the fall and lots of educational school field trips throughout the year. Her kids do chores like feed the pigs and water the rabbits and all manner of typical farm stuff. I love that. Someday I want a farm.

It is always fun to visit because we get to see all the animals and have pony rides, I mean, miniature horse rides and feed the ducks and collect the eggs.

Okay, the real reason that it is fun to visit the farm is because my Aunt is a fiber person. She spins, she dyes wool, she quilts, she knits. Her specialty, I think, is needle felting. She once taught me how to needle felt and sent me home with a large bag filled with bits of fiber from all her sheep, goats and bunnies.

My Aunt has been waiting for me to visit so she could give me some yarn. I haven’t been back to Buffalo in a while (and it’s been even longer since I’ve been to her farm), so she finally just sent it down here with my Mom. A mystery hank arrived on Thursday:


There was no lable so I emailed her immediately to find out more about this mystery yarn. My guess was that it was mohair and I thought she spun and dyed it herself. Here is part of the email that she sent back:

Hi Mandy,

Glad you like the yarn. It is 70% Mohair (grown by Rapunzel and Prince Charming) and 30% Romney (thanks to Cinderella). It is a 3 ply DK (double knit). The mill that spun it for me said it would be great for sox among other things. So see what you can create! It should weigh about 4 0z. and be about 220+ yards. Have fun!

Isn’t that awesome? Rapunzel, Prince Charming and Cinderella! So she didn’t spin it, but she dyed it! I can’t wait to swatch it up. I could make her a shawl. Or make something for ME!


Or I might just let it sit around for a while so I can look at it. Or maybe I’ll wind it into a ball with my new ball winder that I’m buying for myself for Mother’s Day (Happy Mother’s Day moms!). I must get up to Buffalo for a visit, for perhaps it would mean I’d get more fibery gifts – and of course it would be fun to visit my peeps. :0)

If you’re wondering, Sandy painted the masterpiece. Check it out here. Wow.


Well, I’m back from Buffalo. In four days I hit three yarn stores. Much yarn was acquired.


From Yarn It All in Pendleton, NY I got (or rather, my mother got for me) some red and blue wool to make more sports-themed hats. I’m kinda sick of making them, since I just made three, but the Giants hat was a hit and Bills hats were soon requested. I think I’ll do a turned hem again but this time put a message inside. Maybe one will say Big Ed for my Dad and the other will say Little Ed for my brother (even though my brother is way taller than my Dad). I also got some $2 knitting magazine back issues, which I will discuss in a moment.


This, I believe, is the score to end all scores. I keep making a funny ta-da sound in my head every time I think of it.


Score! This is an 8oz cone of 100% shetland wool lace-weight that I purchased for $4.50. It is approximately 1,500 yards.  That is all I know about this yarn.  No idea about manufacturer or anything.  Four dollars and fifty cents! One thousand five hundred yards! It came from a yarn store called Daft Dames Handcrafts in Akron, NY. The store is mostly for weavers, or so they say. It is small. It is full of cones. It is kinda dusty. I also bought EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac here. What a serendipitous find! They hardly have any knitting books and it was EXACTLY the book I have been craving because I’m a Zimmermaniac! I haven’t started a project yet, but I have a Jerry sized sweater in mind, in the bottom-up seamless saddle shoulder fashion. Who knows.


A pile of yarn.  Which brings me to the knitting magazine back issues.


The one on top is IK Winter 2004, and it contains a pattern for mittens.  Not just any mittens, but Nordic Mittens (seen on many blogs, but most recently here).  Perfect then, that they are on Sandy’s blog because I’m a Warm Hands Knitalong-er!  So I got the back issue with the mitten pattern in it.  Then I got gifts of cash from my mom (for sewing up the pieces of a baby blanket that she had knit) and my grandma (who loves me) and I found myself in the third yarn store – The Wooly Lamb, East Aurora, NY.  Then I bought the yarn to make the mittens.  Next, I plan to keep somebody’s hands warm with these beautiful rainbow-y mittens.

OK.  Gosh, I sat down this morning at my computer at 9am to blog about knitting.  Motherly duties called, of course and now it’s almost 1:30pm and I’m just stealing a moment to finish this up.  If I’m ever going to get any knitting done I’d better start NOW!  Or maybe after the kitchen is clean.  Or maybe once I vaccuum.  Or maybe I’ll just wait until the kiddos are asleep.  By then I’ll be too tired.  At least I’ll go to sleep knowing I have enough yarn to last til the next millenium.