Christmas Knitting

My knitting time is scarce, yo. But it is Spring Break at school – woo! – and yesterday I picked up the Christmas stockings I started a while ago. The pattern is really quick to knit, actually, and I might even finish this angel stocking today if I don’t have to rip out the heel twice like I did on the first one.


They will all be personalized at the top with our names. I am going to make six stockings; four for us, one for the cat (the kids insist) and one for my mother in law who is often with us on Christmas morning. So I’m one quarter of the way to being finished, and it’s only March 5th!

The yarn I’m using is Bartlettyarn Maine Wool and it is so woolly and sheepy and farmy. You know I love it.

Guess what else? Today is Maggie’s birthday. She is SEVEN. Here she is on her first birthday (I always post this picture, I can’t even help myself).

Maggie's first birthday


And here she is at her little party on Saturday, hugging the beef jerky that her father gave her. She is his daughter, that’s for sure.



Happy Birthday, sweet Maggie!


The Crystal Collection

Ametrine Hat

Ametrine Hat – $6
Yarn: Nature Spun Sport
Gauge: 7.25 sts = 1 inch

See the Ametrine Hat on Ravelry

Ahead of my trunk show last week, I quietly published my new eBook, The Crystal Collection! I’m back from visiting family in Buffalo and I finally have a moment to tell you about all the patterns!

The Crystal Collection includes three hat and three mitten patterns, all color stranded designs. They are matchy-matchy, and I hope you enjoy them! I’ve been working on these six patterns for a while, and I’m very excited to share them with you.

A note about pricing: The entire eBook, available on Ravelry here, is $18. You can mix-and-match two patterns from the collection for $9 (discount will show in your Raverly shopping cart), or purchase individual patterns for $6 each.

Crystal Collection – eBook with 6 patterns – $18

At the top of this post is the Ametrine Hat, named for a variety of quartz that displays both yellow and purple areas. The hat matches the Ametrine Mitts.

Ametrine Mitts

Ametrine Mitts – $6
Yarn: Nature Spun Sport
Gauge: 7.5 sts = 1 inch

See the Ametrine Mitts on Ravelry

The next pattern you might remember from a swap that I participated in over a year ago. For the longest time, they were known to me as the Swap Mittens. When I knit them in this beautiful shade of red, they reminded me of rubies. Corundum, a ruby when red, is a transparent mineral. Who knew?!?!

Corundum Mittens

Corundum Mittens – $6
Yarn: Ultra Alpaca Light
Gauge: 7.75 sts = 1 inch

See the Corundum Mittens on Ravelry

The Corundum Hat has the same allover pattern as the mittens, with five lines of decreases at the top and – like all the hats in this collection – a jaunty pompom. I can’t even help myself with the pompoms. Clearly.

Corundum Hat

Corundum Hat – $6
Yarn: Ultra Alpaca Light
Gauge: 8 sts = 1 inch

See the Corundum Hat on Ravelry

The third set of patterns from the collection is the Charoite Hat and Mittens, named for a rare purple mineral. These mittens evolved a lot over time. Here’s where they started, and you must click that link for a shocking illustration of yarn dominance in action. The end point for this design is quite different, but I wouldn’t have these pretty purple mittens without the struggle and frustration from the first version of this pattern.

Charoite Mittens

Charoite Mittens – $6
Yarn: Cascade 220 Wool
Gauge: 6 sts = 1 inch

See the Charoite Mittens on Ravelry

And finally, the Charoite Hat, with a small colorwork section and garter stitch accents. This hat is fun and quick to knit.

Charoite Hat

Charoite Hat – $6
Yarn: Cascade 220 Wool
Gauge: 6.5 sts = 1 inch

See the Charoite Hat on Ravelry

That’s it! I’ve listed more pattern details, such as color numbers, on Ravelry so be sure to check out the collection there. Remember, if you don’t want all six patterns, mixing and matching is allowed! When you buy two patterns from the collection you save $3. But get the best deal when you buy the eBook for just $18.

Crystal Collection – eBook with 6 patterns – $18


P.S. Wondering about my new knitwear model? THAT’S MY MOM! Thanks for helping Mom!

Girdwood Hat

girdwood by mandy powers

It was over a year ago now that I designed the Girdwood Mittens. At the time I started working on the design of the matching hat. Writing a pattern for multiple sizes in varying yarns, though, got the best of me. Even though I knit this hat five different times, I never was able to pull the pattern together. UNTIL NOW.

girdwood by mandy powers

When you buy this pattern, you are literally* getting six hat patterns, because depending on your yarn and your gauge, the hat will fit your newborn, your toddler, your teenager, and even your husband with that abnormally large head of his. Maggie is shown wearing the Small Kid size (and actually, Jerry’s wearing the same one, but it is definitely too small on him). Below you’ll see Mallory in the Small Adult size.

*literally: please pronounce it like Chris Traeger

girdwood by mandy powers

The hat Mallory is wearing was knit all those many months ago when I released the mitten pattern. It is one of my favorite hats to wear.

Girdwood Hat by Mandy Powers

Since there are many sizes of the hat included in the pattern, you’ll need to consult the chart above (click for big) to determine which yarn to use. Needle sizes are suggested, but the most important thing is to get the correct gauge. Which I didn’t need to tell you because you’re so smart. The size chart also appears in the pattern.

If you would like to buy the Girdwood Hat pattern, you can find it on Ravelry here, or click the button below.

Girdwood Hat – $6

There’s more! If you have already purchased the Girdwood Mittens, you should automatically see a $3 discount when you buy the Girdwood Hat. (Let me know if the discount is not applied, those Ravelry promotions can be a bit tricky!)

But wait, there’s even more! If you do not yet own the Girdwood Mittens, you can buy the Girdwood eBook! It’s on Ravelry here, or use the next button.

Girdwood Hat & Mittens eBook – $9

Here’s a refresher for the mittens, a pattern that like the hat, comes in all sizes. Yes, you heard that right.

girdwood by mandy powers

girdwood by mandy powers