tasseled fez, sans tassels

Using leftovers from Jerry’s Wallasaurus, I made this hat:


Well, that is more a picture of my handsome boy….here’s a better picture of the hat:


Pattern:  Tasseled Fez from Hats On! by Charlene Schurch.
Yarn: Cascade 220
Needles: US 4, 16″ circular, bamboo
Start: March 3, 2007
Finish: March 6, 2007

I like it. It was more challenging than other colorwork projects that I’ve attempted because the chart was wider. It took me about one and a half full repeats of the chart to get into the flow. Then I finally got it – you know, intuitively – and it much went faster.

Here’s the top:


There was no shaping involved, which was pretty sweet.  You just knit a tube, then sew the top together all fancy-like and then you have a three pointed hat!

With the exception of the tassels, I did not make any modifications to the pattern.  It is very well written – simple and straightforward.  In fact, the whole book is full of totally awesome patterns and I can’t wait to try another!


I’m joining up.


What are you projects for this knitalong?  In an ideal world, I would design and make a simple hat.  With matching mittens.  Maybe a sweater.  HA!  And I told my sister I would make her some endpaper mitts from Eunny.  So I have lots of ideas, with nothing set in stone yet.  After I get some Christmas gifties out of the way, I’ll see how the spirit moves me.

Is this your first colorwork project?  If it isn’t, what was your first and has it survived the test of time?  My first colorwork project was We Call Them Pirates from Hello Yarn.  I finished it back in August.  I really really liked knitting it, but it came out a little wonky.  It’s a little small on Jerry.  I’m not going to redo it, but I want to make future projects turn out better.  I get more comfortable with the technique with each project (though I still am a novice) and for me, the whole knitting with two hands thing is invigorating.  Like a drug invigorating.  I stay up past my bedtime when I’m knitting stranded stuff.  One more row…one more row…

(p.s. This is terrible, but for me to seriously consider a knitalong, then the button HAS to be good.  Like the socktoberfest beer sock.  I didn’t even finish any socks during socktoberfest!  How lame-o am I?  Anyway, I absolutely love the little inside-out button for the Stranded Knitalong.)