I knit a sweater

Time passes, children grow, seasons change. It was time for Maggie to get a new sweater.

20140925_child yoke sweater_047

I purchased some beautiful heathery purple Ella Rae Classic yarn during Webs’ summer yarn sale. It was $4 per ball or thereabouts and I used about 2.5 balls for this sweater. All the colors in the yoke, various worsted weight wools, came from stash. At $12 a very economical sweater, indeed.

20140925_child yoke sweater_027

The pattern is Elizabeth Zimmerman’s yoke sweater, found in various books and pamphlets. Some time ago I bought the version known as Spun Out #4 – Child’s Fair Isle Yoke Sweater, a single sheet of legal-size paper covered front and back with EZ’s typewritten and hand-drawn pattern.  You can still buy it, as part of the Spun Out Collection, from Schoolhouse Press. I have knit the pattern before, when I used the charts provided. This time I charted my own design.

20140925_child yoke sweater_055 20140822_ravelry update_0014

I labored away on the sleeves and body for a few weeks. When I hit the yoke it was a race to the finish just to see what it would look like. I am very pleased with the final design, which differs slightly from the original chart because it was muuuuch too long and had to be unknit and altered for a quicker neckline.

20140925_child yoke sweater_074 20140925_child yoke sweater_091

The thing about knitting an EZ sweater is the sudden urge to subsequently knit all the other EZ patterns ever. There is neither enough time nor wool for such endeavors. Just kidding, there’s totally enough wool.

At the moment, we’re experiencing Autumn in NC. There’s no promise for cool temps to continue, but I remain hopeful for a good, prolonged cold snap. Maggie, at least, will be ready.


20130812-_DSC2837I am knitting a cardigan, and with just 6cm left to knit I should say I am almost finished knitting a cardigan. What a nice feeling, and what a great way to spend my summer vacation. 20130812-_DSC2851The pattern is Nanook and the yarn is Shelter. If you’ve knit with this yarn then you will know that it’s rough and woolly but after I wash it it will be SO soft and perfectly woolly. I can’t wait to wash it.20130812-_DSC2859

In other news, if you are in the US have a look at my destash page on Ravelry. I’m trying to move some yarn out of my house and the prices are pretty good. And if you are in central North Carolina, have a look at my craigslist post where I am selling my Louet S10 Double Treadle spinning wheel. I am not even firm on the price listed, so if you’re looking to get into spinning then I am willing to make a deal!

It’s like spring cleaning, but in the thick of summer!

Vivacity | Synchronicity

I’m so happy to share with you some more of my friend Cindy’s new patterns. Every couple of weeks I get a call: “Hey Mandy, are you available?” And I know that means Cindy has her next pattern ready to be photographed. Fortunately for us, her daughter/model Mallory was home from college for the long weekend. Next time I guess we’ll be heading to the mountains for the photoshoot. Fine by me! Get the floor ready, Mal, because I’m spending the night.

This first pattern is Synchronicity, or 11:11. From the pattern: “The 11:11 scarf if a mind-focusing project that gives you an opportunity to reflect on your spiritual purpose in life.” I knit one. I had revelations. Get your copy for just $3 on Ravelry. The pictures:

Synchronicity Scarf by Cindy Colbert of knitfocused.com

Synchronicity Scarf by Cindy Colbert of KnitFocused.com

Synchronicity Scarf by Cindy Colbert of KnitFocused.com

Synchronicity Scarf by Cindy Colbert of KnitFocused.com

You can see it’s a straightforward pattern that gets it life from your yarn choice and the energy you put into it while knitting. I used a hand spun, hand dyed BFL which obviously was amazing. I’ll have to snap a pic.

The next pattern, which we just photographed yesterday, is Vivacity! It’s a sweet open-front sweater, constructed with lacy squares sewn together. This one is $5 and is available on Ravelry right now!

Vivacity by Cindy Colbert of KnitFocused.com

Vivacity by Cindy Colbert of KnitFocused.com

Vivacity by Cindy Colbert of KnitFocused.com

Vivacity by Cindy Colbert of KnitFocused.com

The other option for getting these patterns or any of Cindy’s other designs is to visit her website www.KnitFocused.com.  Cindy also is really getting into the groove with her tweeting. Check it. She needs more followers!