the ritual

The Ritual

When I am finished knitting a project, it’s not really finished finished until I’ve blocked it. And as I blocked this hat today it got me thinking. With many of you perhaps knitting or crocheting things to give as gifts for Christmas (or whatever holidays you celebrate), I wanted to remind you of my Blocking Tutorial. It should be a PSA. Don’t Give Unblocked Knitting as Gifts!  If you’re one of the hopefully few people who haven’t tried blocking yet, or you think it’s too hard, or takes too long, then please check out that tutorial.

For the rest of you, I’m sure you know at least one last hold out, a knitter friend who thinks they don’t need to block their FOs. Here’s a little gift, then, from me to you. Print out this shiny new one page PDF blocking tutorial (reprinted from The Red Collection) and give it to your friend with a little bottle of your favorite wool wash. She or he will love you for it, I promise. (Yes, the file says “personal use only” and you may not print out one hundred and sell them or give them away at a yarn shop. Just be reasonable, people.)

Today I blocked Jerry’s new Girdwood hat (pattern soon!), with that unruly curled edge that was driving me nuts.


The Ritual

The Ritual

Ahhh. Curly edge tamed. I am the boss of my own knitting! Now we wait for it to dry.

**Don’t forget, the Asheboro Hat is still just $3, but tomorrow is the last day to get that deal! A HUGE thank you to everyone who has already purchased the pattern! There’s already a few other projects, YAY!**

bit of knitting

There is knitting!

There is knitting! I always try to have at least one pair of socks in progress, so that if I’m running out the door I have something to grab. I started these socks forever ago, but finally yesterday finished the first sock of the pair! It’s a very pretty sock. I fully intend to knit its mate quickly and be finished in a few days. Maybe I’ll surprise even myself and do just that!

There is knitting!

The yarn is Zauberball Crazy color 2092 I think, and it’s very reminiscent of the good old Trekking XXL colors that I don’t think they produce anymore. Like these socks that now belong to my mother-in-law.

The pattern I’m using is my favorite sock pattern ever, Judy Gibson’s You’re Putting Me On!  I just counted on Ravelry and I have 17 projects listed using this pattern. You would think that I wouldn’t need to carry around the pattern anymore, and you’d be wrong. I keep the pattern in my little sock bag with whatever pair of socks I’m knitting. Mostly I refer to the pattern for the heel turn.

What’s more, if you were to go into my filing cabinet and locate the knitting pattern folders, and then find the one labeled “socks” you would find at least 4 other copies of the same exact pattern. Sometimes during a knitting emergency, you can’t waste time locating the ONE copy of the  pattern for which you need to cast on. You need to print out the pattern immediately so you can CAST ON THIS SECOND. You know?

Anyway. These socks are knit over 72 stitches – a perfect fit for me or my Mom or my mother-in-law. It’s good to keep them all guessing. No one ever knows who I’m knitting socks for (even me!). After the toe I started working in garter rib. That means that one round is KNIT and the next round is K2,P2, and you repeat those two rounds. Near the cuff, I began working a plain 2×2 rib.

There is one other knitting project I worked on earlier in the summer. It had so much promise! But I messed up and then gave up. I should find the bag I stuffed it in and blog about it. Yes. That’s what I’ll do.



Hi! What a summer! Here are some of the things we’ve done the past few months.

  • Visited Grandma at the beach (Murrell’s Inlet, SC).
  • Visited the whole family in Buffalo.
  • Went with Daddy to the beach (OBX) and then the mountains (Linville Falls, NC).
  • Rested after all those vacations.
  • Stayed cool in the house, played outside only when it wasn’t too hot.
  • Got a cat.
  • Knit a little (but just a little).
  • Decided that I would go back to school to get an Associate Degree in Photography (official title of my chosen concentration: Photographic Technology: Portrait Studio Management).
  • And most recently, got ready for the new school year! Can you believe that Jerry is in 4th grade and Maggie just yesterday started kindergarten!?!?!?!

To ease myself back into the old blog, I’ll post some (okay, A LOT) of my favorite pictures from the summer. Maybe that’ll get me back into the groove. Let’s begin!

Niagara Falls. From left, my Mom, my brother Eddie, sister Holly, Dad, me (with Michael Jackson purse). And the kids in the front row.

Niagara Falls

The market in June:

The Market

The Market

My Dad with his bug and Maggie:

Dad's Bug

Sister Holly on the Maid of the Mist. She looks like Little Edie, doesn’t she?

Niagara Falls

Then there was the Outer Banks with Daddy. (I’ll be closely watching Irene and hoping that everyone in the Outer Banks and along the East Coast stays safe this weekend.) Jockey’s Ridge State Park with $2 sunglasses:

Jockey's Ridge State Park

Roanoke Island:

peas in a pod

Ocracoke Island, walking to the lighthouse:

Ocracoke, NC

Jerry being a goof at the pizza store on Ocracoke:

Ocracoke, NC

Then we visited my Mom. Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina:

the beach

And then went camping in the North Carolina Mountains. Collecting earth worms for inspection:

Linville Falls, NC

Having the obligatory cold soda on the porch of Mast General Store in Valle Crucis, NC:

Mast General Store

What next? Oh! We got a kitten and we named him Socks. He is adorable and we all love him a lot.


Finally, yesterday was the first day of school.

Jerry & Maggie


So, what’s up with you?