gray hat gray day

hat, unfinished

You know, I looked for the size 5 needle that I needed to work on the hat I wanted to make and I couldn’t find it. I just used it for all those Asheboro Hats! I can’t imagine where it’s gone to. On the plus side, I found this beautiful gray hat that I started, finished, unraveled and started again months ago. It’s knit with Rowan Lima, a blend of wool, alpaca and nylon that is hard to resist. I checked to see that the needle being used for this hat wasn’t a 5 (it’s an 8 ) but once I touched the hat I couldn’t put it down. A few more decrease rounds and this will be a hat.

It’s gray and rainy outside today but I spied something yellow on the front porch.

yellow flower

And I spied something black sitting near me. Always near me. Walking on my head at 5:15 am. But now he wants to sleep! How about you try sleeping at 5:15 am? Want me to walk on your head while you’re sleeping? Didn’t think so.


I would say “you’re lucky you’re cute” but I’m really not that mad at him. He’s a good cat and I like him. Mostly.