The Christmas Candles

The Christmas Candles

I will always remember this year as the year we inherited the Christmas candles. They belong to Gerald, but they haveĀ  lived at his Mom’s house. Until now.

The Christmas Candles

I’ve heard murmurings that this is not all of the candles, but I don’t believe it. How can there even be more? If there are more, I don’t have room for them.

The Christmas Candles

I always thought I didn’t want the candles to live at my house. They’re not my style, I thought. But they are very festive. And they’re cute, but partly creepy (I’ve been disagreed with on that last point) and that suits me just fine.

I mean, for reals, check out those two snowmen on the top row in the center. Aren’t they weird?

The Christmas Candles

Nonetheless. They’re mostly cute and Maggie loves them to death. She has unwrapped all the candles that are pictured in plastic.

I love this guy. He seems very old, and old fashioned.

The Christmas Candles

And the little mousie with a real bell! I like him, too.

The Christmas Candles

After I took all these pictures, we found my Christmas candles in a separate box, purchased at Rhinebeck when I went in 2010. I thought the simple pine cone and tree were more my style, but they don’t fit in at all with the others. Oh, well.

The Christmas Candles

I’m sure my mother-in-law was happy to pass these along to us, and I’m happy to have them. Makes decorating easy, that’s for sure!

The Christmas Candles

making all the things

cookie pops

I made something from Pinterest! Oreo Snowman Pops! We flew (and by “flew” I mean “drove swiftly” not “took an airplane”) down to South Carolina to see the family for the weekend. Though none of us were ready for full-on Christmas stuff, I did whip up a batch of these super cute candies to give to everyone. Maggie and Jerry helped make the faces, but I did the dipping, because that part was hard, yo.

cookie pops

There was a little leftover white chocolate, so Maggie made the last pop, then popped it in her mouth.

cookie pops

I made reinbeers, also found on pinterest.


Actually, it was Gerald who made these beers, all I did was cute-ify them. You can tell what style of beer they are by the letter on the bottle cap. I mean, HE can tell what they are. All I do is drink and enjoy them. And now that they’re reinbeers, they taste good and look cute. He’s taking these to his work party for the secret santa thing.

Tonight we went and got our Christmas tree! I did not find it on pinterest. :(

free tree

It’s gorgeous, and it was free! Gerald listens to the radio all day while he’s driving around, and his station kept doing “12 Days of Christmas” giveaways. When the prize last week was a gift certificate for a tree from the farmer’s market, he was all over it! Gerald definitely has a knack for that sort of thing.

He also has a knack for putting lights on the tree, ever since I taught him that you have to squint to see if the lights are right. So far so good!


Since I took this picture, he’s finished the lights. The tree is, as usual, perfect. I made a deal with Maggie that I won’t, under any circumstances, start decorating the tree without her. Of course I wouldn’t dare!

Good Wool


I am sure that most of last year’s Christmas celebrations were completely awesome. But what I remember most is that last year I vowed to do two things this year. 1 – Not send out Christmas cards and 2 – Make more crafts. Last year’s Christmas cards made me all Grinchmaster 2000. I can’t explain exactly why, but it was awful. I already feel better about this Christmas season now that I’m not sending out 45 or whatever silly number I thought I needed to send. And on the crafting front, last year I don’t think we made a damn thing! So I’m trying to plan manageable crafts, with easy to obtain supplies, that can be done mostly by the kids. So far I have the supplies for one craft and one baking project and the kids are so excited about both! Yay! I think there’s at least two other things that we could manage to make, plus all the cookies.

Yes, I’m being vague about crafts, but since everyone and their mother is reading, I don’t want to spoil surprises!

But I can tell you about parts of what I’m doing. The whole story will be revealed in time. The red things hanging on my clothesline above are skirts that I found at the Goodwill yesterday. I also got an amazing men’s coat in a gorgeous herringbone pattern.


I took this picture just after they all had a nice long soak in my bathtub with wool wash, followed by a spin in the washing machine. Other than linings in these items, they are all made with wool. All three items were in impeccable condition (I always look for signs of moths, and often find lots of holes, but not on these!). Once they were dry, the wrinkles you can see in the pictures went away. I was going to try to get a better picture of the skirts, but well, I got excited this morning.

The red skirts got torn up and put back together. The thing I made with them is the best thing ever! Since I’m not telling you about it, I told Gerald everything about it, all day, including multiple exclamations of “This is the best thing I ever made!!!!!!!!!” or something along those lines. He can now hold his own in a sewist’s discussion of bias tape – including the merits of homemade versus store bought.

I am really excited about the prospect of buying high quality wool for really, really good prices. The skirts were $3.75 each and the coat was $14.00. You can bet that on Monday I’ll be doing my tour of the thrift stores, trying to score some more good deals for more craft ideas! I have big plans for that coat, but it’ll need some careful planning.

I’m so excited about doing all these little and not so little crafts, preparing for Christmas. So much better than last year, already!