pictures of other people’s knitting

Versa Vest

Check out the two latest patterns from my partner in crime, Cindy Myska Colbert!

Above is the Versa Vest modeled, of course, by our Mallory. I say that like she’s partly mine. Mallory is leaving next fall to go to college and I don’t want to talk about it because then I’ll cry. But they’re partly tears of joy because I know she’ll have the time of her life. I’ll miss her. Maybe she’ll still tweet at me every once in a while.

Enough about that. Let’s look at Mallory’s feet, shall we? The other pattern is for the Tanzine Aura Socks!

Tanzine Aura Socks

Cindy wrote this sock pattern for her knitting students, and it is a perfect pattern if you’re a first time sock knitter. Lotsa great tips and tricks.

Remember, these are Cindy’s patterns, not mine. I just take the pictures and do the layout for her patterns. Cindy has recently started blogging, and you can read her knitfocused blog, Knit Happens. It’s a good read because she is a shaman, trust me.

Tanzine Aura Socks

Tanzine Aura Socks

Find the Tanzine Aura Socks pattern on Ravelry here!

And a few more pictures of the Versa Vest:

Versa Vest

Versa Vest

Last but not least, the designer herself, in her own design! I think she did a hair flip right before this picture.



socks on the ground

These are a pair of socks I just finished a week or so ago, using Socks That Rock Mediumweight in an enchanting and bloody shade of red they call Brick. This was my first time using this yarn, and I think I’ll be back for more. Here it is shortly after I bought it, from Knitch in Atlanta.

Socks that Rock Mediumweight

The pattern, Double-Quick Toe Up Socks, is something I co-designed with my friend Cindy. She was very generous to call me co-designer, since the concept of the pattern was well established when I came aboard. Nonetheless, it’s an honor to call this design partially my own. There’s not too many ways to knit a handknit sock that haven’t been thought up, but the pattern has some unique construction to it and the result is very wearable. Heck, it’s practically 90 degrees HOT outside and I’ve got these suckers on my feet.

This picture better shows the construction of the sock, with the garter stitch toe and heel flap, leading up to a short garter stitch cuff.

Talk about double quick.  I just started these!

The pattern includes two versions of the same short-cuffed sock. I knit the Garter Stitch Heels and Toes version; the other is the Eye of Partridge Cuff version. If you are so inclined, the pattern is available as a $5.00 download on Ravelry.

I wish I had  modeled pictures of my bloody socks, but gosh, it is so damn hard for me to take pictures of my own feet and make them look good. I would call that, hands down, one of the worst parts of having a knitting blog: Taking crappy pictures of your own feet in an attempt to show off a great hand knitted sock. FAIL every time.