I received Knitting Around for Christmas, and today, yet another snow day, I’ve been reading through Elizabeth’s Digressions. The funniest thing ever must be the story of when EZ’s not-yet husband Arnold met her parents for the first time. They served roast mutton for dinner and Arnold was offered mustard. He took a large amount of Coleman’s mustard and was left sputtering for air, “with tears streaming down his face.” The mustard is very spicy.

The reason this little passage is funny to me is because THE SAME EXACT THING happened to me. I’m not sure if Coleman’s is very well known here in the States, but I happen to have an Irish mother-in-law with a fondness for mustard and we usually have a little jar of it in the fridge. The mustard is very spicy, and for most folks must be consumed in moderation.

My parents were visiting one time, and we were having sandwiches. Naturally, Gerald got the mustard out and as my Dad put together his sandwich, he slathered a large amount of Coleman’s on the bread. Gerald warned him, “That mustard is very spicy.” My Dad may have mumbled acknowledgment, but sat down to eat his sandwich anyway. After his first bite, his face got red and his eyes were watering, and he finally acknowledged, “Boy, that’s hot.”

I didn’t think it was possible, but today I have become even more fond of EZ.

7:52 - Again with the snow?

An unrelated picture, just to prove that we have snow. Again. All the woollies are getting a big workout this year!