My work here is done.

I finished my challenge. It’s funny how during these past two weeks I’ve wondered 1) why I chose such an easy challenge, and 2) OMG HOW AM I EVER GOING TO FINISH THIS IS TOO MUCH KNITTING TO DO IN SUCH A SHORT TIME PERIOD WITH ALL OF LIFE’S OTHER COMMITMENTS AND PRIORITIES. Yeah.

Actually, the hardest thing was getting everyone on board for the group picture. But I have a tripod! And a remote! So it wasn’t that bad. The kids like the one with the cat.

And I like the close up shot, even if it is out of focus.

When we did this in 2008, I had my little point and shoot camera balancing on a pile of things on top of the picnic table. It’s really a miracle that this picture exists at all. But I love it, and I’m glad we have an updated family picture. Nothing like a superbowl knitting challenge to bring us together in front of the camera.

My mitts were the last ones that I knit and I finished them yesterday morning. I was so angry at the weather for raining and therefore extending the time required for them to dry after blocking. But I am glad I blocked them because holy wow, Ultra Alpaca knit at such a tight gauge needed to be blocked.

All that’s left is to watch the game! GO GIANTS!

Maggie’s Mitts are Finished

With Maggie’s Mitts finished, and looking pretty cute, I must say, that leaves just one pair left. Mine. I have a vague plan, but I have not cast on. The end of this week is busy with all sorts of activities both important (school! homework!) and fanciful (trips to IKEA!). I will finish this challenge, but it might be close is all I’m saying. Please wish me luck.

My Maggie was really upset when we had a little photo shoot for the mitts and I kept telling her how to pose. “Why do you always decide how I stand?” she complained. So I let her stand how she wanted, but it wasn’t really working out seeing as she was holding her hands behind her back. So we went inside to her room, which is the prettiest room in the afternoon sunlight. Anyway. There’s pics of the mitts, but also pictures of my Maggie when she stopped being so upset about “posing”.

right on track

Jerry's Mitts

I finished up Jerry’s fingerless mitts yesterday, and after a good blocking, they look great and he loves them. This kid has been asking for fingerless mitts for ages, and I am glad he finally has a pair.

For a few days this week I wondered why I was doing this again, wondered if I even wanted to be doing it, wondered if I would finish. But with just a few hours of dedicated knitting time (and some choice documentaries on Netlix Instant*) I am confident I can pull this challenge off and confident the Giants will win.

*Page One and Exit Through the Gift Shop, both good

Jerry's Mitts

Jerry's Mitts

Jerry's Mitts

Maggie has half a pair of mitts, almost, and then I just need to knit a pair for myself. I can totally do this.

Maggie's Mitt

Yay Giants!