Granny Squares

I’m working on a Granny Square afghan. I consider this a swatch even though it’s rather large. Each square is 5.25″ (the nine squares above are about 16×16″). I had to stop here and block it because I wasn’t sure it was working. But now I realize it is working and I love it. I’m using a mishmash of heavy worsted/bulky yarns (mostly) from my stash. It was wonky before blocking, but a warm bath helped to even all that out.

I’m making it to “match” my living room. Which is hilarious because there’s already a crocheted afghan there (a big ass granny) but it’s blue and it must go.

The pattern I settled on is Flowers in the Snow by Solveig Grimstad. Free! I like it because of the circular centers in the squares. And you join them as you go! It’s tricky, but you can see quick progress if you want. And I definitely need to see the quick progress for a big project like this.

These pictures were taken in a dark room near the end of the day. Sorry. I’ll get better pics soon, but this should do for now!