Goodbye, Summer

It’s that time again – back to school. Jerry and Maggie started today. Unlike last year, I didn’t spend the day crying thank heavens. For me it was a mix of happy, sad, and rushing to get ready last minute. Jerry is going to a new school for 5th grade and the bus came for him first.



Yeah, it was too early for actual sunlight. Good thing I grabbed my flash at the last second! Considering he is going to a school where he doesn’t know anyone, and will be in a more challenging environment, he was surprisingly calm. I’ve been thinking about him all day and I hope he’s doing well!

Maggie, sweet Maggie, started first grade today. She popped out of bed with a smile on her face and didn’t stop talking for one minute. She is excited about school. Her teacher said they will be having a classroom pet and that is obviously the most exciting news in the entire world. We did not know if Humphrey the Hamster would be there today, but I’m sure I’ll get a full report when she gets home. Her bus was late so we had time for more pictures, ┬áin the daylight this time.





Where does the time go, exactly? Because I’d really like to know. It feels like we just did this.

Happy school days, everyone! I hope it’s a great year!

heat wave?

I am not ashamed to admit that if the temperature in my house rises above 70 degrees I will put on the AC. Even in February. That’s where we’re at today. It is currently 75 outside, but a comfortable 69 indoors.

I longingly remember the cold days of winter, when we put on every possible handknit that we could find, and headed out in the morning light to sled down the hill. That was Monday! What a winter, right?

right on track

Jerry's Mitts

I finished up Jerry’s fingerless mitts yesterday, and after a good blocking, they look great and he loves them. This kid has been asking for fingerless mitts for ages, and I am glad he finally has a pair.

For a few days this week I wondered why I was doing this again, wondered if I even wanted to be doing it, wondered if I would finish. But with just a few hours of dedicated knitting time (and some choice documentaries on Netlix Instant*) I am confident I can pull this challenge off and confident the Giants will win.

*Page One and Exit Through the Gift Shop, both good

Jerry's Mitts

Jerry's Mitts

Jerry's Mitts

Maggie has half a pair of mitts, almost, and then I just need to knit a pair for myself. I can totally do this.

Maggie's Mitt

Yay Giants!